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That one time I fell off a camel in Jordan

Sometimes life hands you a trip to Jordan (wahooo!) and sometimes life throws you off a camel in the middle of the desert in Jordan (oh crap!) Travel isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. As much as travel bloggers love to paint the world as a technicolor bomb of beauty, friendship, and once-in-a-lifetime-experiences, let’s be honest here, shit happens. […]

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Postcards from Jerash, Jordan

If I had to chose the one thing I love the most about the Middle East (besides the food), I would have to go with the great depth of history to be found there. Few places in the world can boast of having such well-preserved historic monuments and such well-known historic sites as the Middle […]

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Is Turkey Safe for Women Traveling Alone?

When I proudly announced that I was going to Turkey 2 months ago, I was met with a surprising amount of skepticism, worry and doubt, mostly from my family. Calmly reassuring everyone that Turkey is a very safe country and that I was going no matter what they said, I continued to plan and coordinate […]

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The Flavors of Istanbul

Let me preface by saying that Istanbul is a food lover’s dream.  Who would of thought? France, Spain, and Italy are what immediately pop into my head when asked where I’ve experienced the best food while traveling. Well, Turkey tops them all. What a bold statement, I know. Before boarding a red-eye flight to Istanbul […]

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Going Underground in Cappadocia, Turkey

I’ve always been a big fan of unique experiences and destinations while traveling. And Cappadocia, Turkey is nothing if not unique. I mean look at this! Where have you ever seen such an odd, compelling, jurassic-looking land? A million years ago (approximation) ancient volcanos erupted and covered this wild land in a layer of ash […]

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