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canyon jumping in interlaken

Canyon Jumping in Interlaken

“Liz, why haven’t you written anything adventurous lately,” my sister whined at me the other day from behind her iPad. “You’re called Young Adventuress after all.” Er, crap. Don’t you hate it when a 11 year old is right? I’ve done so much traveling over the past six months, I’ve inadvertently split my blogging time […]

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French Onion Soup Recipe

Gruyère, Switzerland So for the past week or so, Europe has been in the deadly, icy grip of a Siberian frost coming from, you guessed it, Siberia. Spain, a complete stranger to winter, was of course completely unprepared and thrown into a tizzy. A TIZZY! Temperatures below freezing? A few snowflakes falling? You’d think the […]

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Summer Update!

So I am back in the grand old USA! I flew home two days ago, and I am writing this post at 4 in the morning, thanks jetlag! I have tons of fun blog posts planned for the summer, especially about all my adventures in Spain and Switzerland in June. I thought I’d give you […]

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Swiss Miss

Geraldine Chaplin once said, “It’s the change of rhythm which I think is what keeps me alive. In Spain I hear so much noise from my window I can’t stand it. In Switzerland it’s the lack of noise that drives me crazy.” I don’t think this could be more true for my situation this year. […]

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