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Happy Mother’s Day!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy mother’s day! ¡Feliz día de la madre! The last time I saw my mom was in January before she left for work, and I left Virginia to go see my dad in Maryland. Being away from my family, especially my mom, has been probably the hardest thing this […]

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Las cruces de mayo

So basically ever since I moved to Spain in September everyone has been telling me, just wait til May, just wait til May! May in Córdoba is out of control! There is literally a different festival going on for the entire month, actually since the last week of April (Semana Santa). Well, May is here, […]

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Semana Santa 2011

First night of Semana Santa near my apartment, domingo de ramos Two weeks ago was Easter in Spain. Now Easter here is rather a big deal. In fact they take a whole week to observe it. This week is called Semana Santa (Holy Week), and no where is it better celebrated than here in Andalucía. […]

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Beef Empanada Recipe

So a few weeks ago I found a new (awesome!) grocery store near my apartment in Córdoba. I live in the old part of the city, so there aren’t that many big stores near me; I had been making do with the small local stores, which are nice but not that great if you need […]

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“Ay de mi Alhambra”

“Dale limosna, mujer. Que no hay en la vida nada como la pena de ser ciego en Granada.” (“Give him alms, women. For in this life there is nothing so pitiable as to be blind in Granada.”) Truer words were never written. Hands down Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and […]

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Granada Revisited

So by the time the second weekend of April rolled around, spring was firmly here in Córdoba, and I was itching for a trip. Granada, perhaps one of the most well-known cities in Spain is only a two and a half hour bus ride to the southeast, and I have been meaning to get down […]

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Just stepped out in Londontown

So the first weekend in April I was in the UK visiting my friend Jo in Brighton and had an AMAZING time! Saturday we took the train into London for the day, met up with some of her friends, and had surprisingly good weather. Since this was probably my fifth or sixth trip to Europe’s […]

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Tasty Snails!

So spring has officially arrived here in Córdoba! Almost every day is sunny and the whole city smells like flowers, with everyone spending time outside and the sun setting after 9pm. It’s almost a paradise. Along with the beautiful weather, spring has also ushered in a strange culinary phenomenon here in Andalucía: the eating of […]

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Holy Catholics!

Santiago de Compostela, where St. James is buried and one of the biggest pilgrimages in Europe ¡Madre mía, qué calor! Today it was a whopping 90° F here in beautiful Córdoba! Note to self, pack away all denim because it is already too hot! I still cannot get over how warm it is in Andalucía, […]

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Brighton-Land of Rainbows

Again sorry for the delay in posting. This past few weeks have been crazy, and I have been running around nonstop traveling and working. This weekend I was in Granada, definitely a bid for favorite city in Spain (post coming soon-I promise!), and last Friday was the culmination of our bilingual week at my elementary […]

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English in Spain

So as I was wasting time the other day on Facebook during my many “leisure” hours at school (i.e. waiting around for a ride or the bus since I was somehow managed to be given the most inconvenient schedule possible, sorry, had to vent), I came across a wonderful NY Times article by Raphael Minder […]

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Sorry I am a little behind! I have been planning an “American Culture” week and my school, tutoring a bunch, learning to cook new things (recipes to follow shortly!), started running again since beach season is just around the corner, plus a lot of drama with my crazy roommates (Only 2 months left with them!) […]

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salmorejo recipe

Salmorejo recipe

My first attempt at salmorejo! I think it came out pretty good! So I just made salmorejo for the first time, and it ultimately was a success! Salmorejo is a very traditional dish from Córdoba in Andalucía in southern Spain where I live. It is a cold cream-like soup made from tomatoes, bread, olive oil, […]

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