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Best of 2011 in Pictures

2011 was an incredible year! I accomplished so many things, traveled to new places, met new people, tried new things. I don’t think it could have been better! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me for 2012! How was your 2011? January Celebrated 2011 in NYC. pretty awesome! Then came back to […]

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Christmas in Spain

I thought that this year Christmas was going to be disappointing. I wasn’t going home, and I wasn’t traveling someplace new; I thought I was going to be stuck in Logroño all alone, wallowing. BUT as it turned out, this year is probably one of the best Christmas’ I have ever had! I had invited […]

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Feliz Navidad en el Cole

Last Wednesday, Santa came to one of my schools to visit my preschoolers, and it seriously has to have been one of the best days since I have been in Logroño! It was like a rock star showed up with the level of screaming and excitement going on. I wish I could describe how happy […]

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Bacon, Dates, and Cheese Empanada Recipe

Last summer I visited friends in Fuengirola, Spain, and they made the most incredible dinner. Included was something I had never tried, nor ever even heard of! A bacon, cheese, and date empanada! Somehow all these flavors come together marvelously! I tastes incredible! I couldn’t wait to make it myself! Now I have never made […]

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Exploring La Rioja

The same day that C, J and I visited Mansilla, we drove around many other places in La Rioja. I was particularily excited because it was when all the leaves were beginning to change, so I got to see a colorful countryside. On our way to Mansilla in the morning, we stopped for coffee at […]

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Mansilla, nothing quite like it

A month or so ago, my good friends C and J, and I decided to take a road trip around La Rioja. It was mid-October, the perfect time to explore my new region. We traveled around for the whole day, and seriously, it had to have been one of my favorite days since arriving. My […]

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Laguardia: The Guard of Navarra

     A few weekends ago I made a day trip out to what has to have been one of the most beautiful little towns I have been to in Spain. Laguardia (not to be confused with the airport in Queens NYC) is an incredibly well-preserved medieval fortress town about 30 minutes outside of Logroño. Perched […]

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Expat Thanksgiving 2011

One of the days when I get the most homesick has to be Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has always been a time for me and my family, especially my mom. Seeing everyone’s Turkey Day statuses on Thursday while I had to work 9 hours was less than thrilling. Last year in Córdoba, my Spanish friend C’s family […]

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