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Spanish Fashion: Ladies’ Edition

When it comes to women’s fashion, Europe sets the bar, and Spain is no exception (read about my previous post on men’s fashion here). It seems that every woman in Spain is born with fashion sense, as well as the ability to walk for hours in 5 inch stilettos on cobblestones without falling once, with […]

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Spanish Fashion: Men’s Edition

Let’s talk fashion! When people say that Europe is a year ahead of US fashion, they are not wrong. Spain may be behind in some things-technology, industry, medicine-I mean I still have to go into the bank to deposit checks (oh how I miss Bank of America’s ATM deposits), and everyone thinks I am crazy […]

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Death in the Afternoon: Bullfighting in Spain

“Bullfighting is the only art in which the artist is in danger of death and in which the degree of brilliance in the performance is left to the fighter’s honour.” Ernest Hemingway in Death in the Afternoon. I don’t know if entirely agree with this statement, though I do agree it probably had more truth in […]

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I have been meaning to write a post about flamenco for the longest time. What could be more emblematic of Andalucía, Spain? I saw my first flamenco show in Sevilla when I was 16, and I try to go see it whenever I can. However, all I really know about flamenco is that I love […]

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Doner Kebab: Europe’s Big Mac

Ok so every so often I get a craving for greasy, bad fast food. I can’t help it. It’s my inner obese American coming out, and I am trapped in a country of skinny waifs who can’t understand my desire for a nice good cheeseburger! In short, Spain isn’t known for their fast food. There […]

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feria feria FERIA

Walking to the fería in Córdoba 2011 So after three straight weeks of festivals in Córdoba in May (cruces, patios, romería and cata del vino) you would think that everyone would want to take a breather and relax, get ready for summer. Nope! Those three weeks were just a warm-up to get everyone ready for […]

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Cata del Vino Montilla-Moriles

So let’s talk wine! As the daughter of parents who are big wine enthusiasts, I have been happy to shun knowledge of good wine and be content to drink just about anything, as long as it’s cheap! But no more because in Spain you can find really good wine for really cheap. I am talking […]

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Patios in Córdoba

If Córdoba is known for one big festival, it would have to be los patios. Córdoba is famous for it’s courtyards, and once a year during the festival de los patios cordobeses, private houses all over the city open up their courtyards to the public for 2 weeks in competition. In the tourist office, bars, […]

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Ok, so I have been seriously neglecting my blog as of late. I am so sorry, and I promise lots of fun posts coming soon! Please forgive me! This past month has been out of control, and I have been crazy busy. I have had so many great adventures, and I can’t wait to share […]

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¡Cumple en el campo!

So last Saturday was my 23rd birthday-wahoo mid-twenties here I come! This was actually my second birthday I would celebrate in Spain; I turned 20 in Salamanca, which I thought would be hard to top in terms of awesome bdays, but man was I wrong! This year DEFINITELY takes the cake for the best birthday […]

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“Balmy days, sweet sangría”

So one thing I’ve noticed about Spain that I really like is that here they love to mix wine and beer with other drinks. One reason why I think they do this is the fact that wine is so cheap here, because of all the vineyards. You can get a decent bottle of wine for […]

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Exciting news!

Ok, so this week has been pretty awesome so far! My friend Jen came up from Jerez to visit, and we spent our time exploring the famous patios of Córdoba. Once a year there is a festival where private houses open up their courtyards to the public and compete on who has the most beautiful […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy mother’s day! ¡Feliz día de la madre! The last time I saw my mom was in January before she left for work, and I left Virginia to go see my dad in Maryland. Being away from my family, especially my mom, has been probably the hardest thing this […]

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