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10 Mistakes Auxiliares in Spain Make Again and Again

So you’re moving to Spain in a month, what now? Now that mid-August has arrived in full-force, the inevitable panic that accompanies an impending move abroad has slowly begun to sink its claws in. This is nowhere near as evident as in my inbox, where I receive a daily barrage of emails from future English […]

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A Guide to the Regions in Spain for Auxiliares de Conversación

It’s that time of year again. The applications are about to open for the auxiliar de conversación teaching English in Spain program that I’ve done for the past two years. Let the mayhem commence! With many many posts on here about being an auxiliar, from tips and tricks, to expat stories, to travel and tapas […]

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The Kinds Of People You’ll Meet in the Auxiliar Program in Spain

This week’s guest post comes from a fellow northern Spain blogger, coincidentally blonde and also named Liz, from Liz en España and A Midwestern Life about the kinds of people you meet when you do the auxiliar de conversación teaching program in Spain.  After being in the Auxiliar program for 2 years, you start to notice a lot […]

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Top 5 Reasons Why I HATE the Auxiliar Program in Spain

Why is it that my top 3 most popular posts on this blog are the ones that are the most controversial? Are you guys trying to tell me that you like my biting sarcasm and wit and when I get sassy and borderline inappropriate? Or maybe is it because you like reading something painfully honest, wait…..EVERYBODY […]

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Key tips for auxiliares, part 5: How to defer student loans in Spain

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I brought you some new key tips for living in Spain as an auxiliar de conversación. By now you’ve probably been working for exactly a month, getting settled in for your new year in Spain, making new friends, trying new foods, learning some important (read: naughty) […]

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Key tips for auxiliars in Spain, part 3: the apartment hunt

From this…. …to this!!! Searching for apartments in Spain! Part tres of my key tips for future auxiliares de conversación in Spain! Have you checked out part 1: pre-departure and part 2: packing? Finding an apartment (piso) in Spain isn’t easy, and finding an amazing apartment is just plain difficult. In my last two years […]

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Last few hours….

Logroño, Spain. My new home Well the day has arrived. I leave for Spain in about 5 hours. My suitcase is packed with the essentials, my passport is ready, and my flight info is printed. I’ve stocked up on the essentials that I can’t find in Spain, like proper hair conditioner and deodorant, brown sugar, […]

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