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Semana Santa in Spain

Semana Santa for Beginners

Me and the Easter bunny Right now Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is in full swing in Spain. Or it would be if it wasn’t raining like crazy. As I am writing this I can hear the crowds of people outside my apartment and the boom boom boom of the processional drums. Easter is celebrated […]

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cordoba street

Mysterious Walls of Córdoba

While I was wasting time at work this afternoon, I began to sift through the vaults of unpublished posts on my blog. Seriously, who does this? Anyways, I came across this draft I meant to post a year ago when I was living in southern Spain. There has been a mystery brewing in Córdoba, and […]

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November Update!

Hi everyone! I feel like I have been so late with posting things on here! I have been inundated with work and things to do that I have very little time for writing. I have a bunch of new blogging projects coming up which I am super excited about and can’t wait to share on […]

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my kids

La noche blanca del flamenco

At some point in June on my way to and from Málaga and Logroño trying to sort out my visa nightmare, I passed through my town of Córdoba where I stopped for a few days to say my last goodbyes, visit my school one last time in Espejo, and take in La noche blanca del […]

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A Day in the Life

My walk across Córdoba every morning On my last day of school I decided to bring my camera with me to document my walk. Everyday for 8 months, I walked the same route, rain or shine, and I figured I might as well photograph it (since I photograph everything else). For me it serves as […]

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feria feria FERIA

Walking to the fería in Córdoba 2011 So after three straight weeks of festivals in Córdoba in May (cruces, patios, romería and cata del vino) you would think that everyone would want to take a breather and relax, get ready for summer. Nope! Those three weeks were just a warm-up to get everyone ready for […]

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Cata del Vino Montilla-Moriles

So let’s talk wine! As the daughter of parents who are big wine enthusiasts, I have been happy to shun knowledge of good wine and be content to drink just about anything, as long as it’s cheap! But no more because in Spain you can find really good wine for really cheap. I am talking […]

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Patios in Córdoba

If Córdoba is known for one big festival, it would have to be los patios. Córdoba is famous for it’s courtyards, and once a year during the festival de los patios cordobeses, private houses all over the city open up their courtyards to the public for 2 weeks in competition. In the tourist office, bars, […]

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