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Sailing the Nile

After spending several days exploring all the tombs and ancient sites Luxor had to offer, M and I were looking forward to the next leg of our trip: Aswan. I had been looking forward to this stop on our itinerary for a while! I really wanted to rent a felucca to go sailing the Nile! We were […]

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valley of the kings

King Tut and the Valley of the Kings

After waking up quite literally before the crack of dawn to do a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings, I was elated but exhausted. Combined with a lovely case of the infamous developing world stomach bug, M and I were certainly a sight to behold! Crawling our way up to the rooftop terrace in Luxor, […]

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Postcards from Luxor, Egypt

After M and I said goodbye to filthy hot Cairo in April, we hopped on an overnight train down to Luxor, Egypt in the south, an adventure all on its own. Luxor is the place to be in Egypt, since it is where most of the well-known ancient Egyptian sights are located across the Nile […]

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giza pyramids

Giza: Pyramids and Camels

Giza, Giza, Giza. Where do I even begin? Ok, ever since I was a little girl, reading my Eyewitness picture books about ancient Egypt, it has been my dream to visit the great Giza pyramids. In my head I always imagined riding around on a majestic camel, wearing all-white linen, with the ancient arabian desert […]

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things to do in cairo

Top 5 Cairo Experiences

They say that New York is the city that never sleeps. Whoever said that clearly has never been to Egypt because Cairo is NYC on steroids. Walking around Cairo can be overwhelming, to say the least, with full-on sensory overload. As soon as you leave the comfort (or discomfort) of your hotel, the heat, noise, […]

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