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Pincho of the Week: Setas

The other day my Spanish friends brought me to another classic pincho bar on the famous Laurel street in Logroño. Quite literally a hole in the wall, Bar Cid is easy to miss and I hungrily hop from my favorite champi mushroom pincho to my favorite brochette with goat cheese, Spanish ham and raspberry sauce. […]

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Pincho of the Week: Zorropito

If Spain knows how to do one thing well, it’s sandwiches. There are so many types and varieties of sandwiches to be found in Spain, I can’t even begin to name them all. Bocadillos, bocata, un sandwich, montaditos and bocatitas are just to name a few. Spain keeps it simple when it comes to sandwiches, […]

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spanish football

Spanish fútbol: no hay 2 sin 3

Source The lights dimmed over a crowd of several thousand people, all packed in like sardines at Logroño’s sports stadium. It was so hot and I was sweating right though my red soccer jersey with a giant flag of Spain tied around my neck like a royal cape. My friends and I nervously sipped our […]

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pincho timbales

Pincho of the Week: Timbales

 Logroño’s pincho scene hasn’t changed too frequently since I arrived last September. Comforted by familiar faces and dishes, the infamous Laurel street bursting with pincho bars that seem unchanged for decades. Change comes slowly in Spain, if it comes at all, something I both love and hate here. Around San Juan and Laurel, there are […]

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pincho entrecot

Pincho of the Week: Entrecot

There is a fab new trend hitting pincho bars in Logroño! I’m in foodie heaven! Instead of serving up a little portion of something yummy skewered on a slice of bread like many of the traditional pinchos around town, many of the newer gastro-bars offer small portions of really delicious dishes combined with a small […]

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San Bernabe

Scenes from San Bernabé

Logroño celebrates two big festivals every year, San Mateo in September for the wine harvest, and then the city’s patron Saint, San Bernabé on June 11. The Fiestas de San Bernabé celebrate the defeat of the French in 1521. They invaded Spain and tried to conquer Logroño by laying siege to the city. Of course […]

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