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My 10 Favorite Underrated Cities in Spain

There is so much more to Spain than Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and Sevilla. As much as I love those cities, one major goal of mine on this blog is to showcase all of the lesser-known, often-overlooked gems around the rest of Spain. Over the years I have traveled around most of the Iberian Peninsula, and […]

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A Guide to the Regions in Spain for Auxiliares de Conversación

It’s that time of year again. The applications are about to open for the auxiliar de conversación teaching English in Spain program that I’ve done for the past two years. Let the mayhem commence! With many many posts on here about being an auxiliar, from tips and tricks, to expat stories, to travel and tapas […]

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summer in spain

Summer so far!

San Fermín 2012 Sorry I fell off the face of the planet for the past week guys! I took an unexpected wee vacation from my blog. I have been really stressed out for my plans for next year, and then I got hired last minute at a summer camp in Navarra; so basically last week […]

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Olite: A Fairytale Castle in Navarra

Warning: this post contains many, many photos. In general I try to behave myself when it comes to the amount of pictures I upload on any given post, but this time, it could not be helped since I visited one of the most incredible castles I have ever been to in Europe and I went […]

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Pamplona-more than just bulls

Two weeks ago, my friend L flew over to visit me from Boston. First stop on the list was Pamplona (Iruña in Basque) the capital of Navarra, and about an hour away from me here in Logroño. I’ve been dying to come to Pamplona for years, it is supposed to be a beautiful city in […]

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