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summer in spain

6 Signs Summer’s Here in Northern Spain

The beautiful Rioja village of Briones in summer The majority of my time in Spain has been spent during the academic year. Blazingly hot in the summer, most sane people flee to the coast to bear out the oppressive heat in July and August. But not me. Not this year. Instead of heading home for […]

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wine battle

A Battle of….Wine?

June 29th, 2012, a day that will live in infamy. A day I will never forget. The day where I fought to the death in La Rioja‘s annual Batalla del vino (Wine Battle). Ok, not really, but still, it was an epic, slightly painful, but overall successful and super fun day! So what does a […]

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The Expat Files: Alisa in Galicia

Perhaps one of the least known regions in Spain is Galicia. Situated in the northwest corner of the Peninsula above Portugal, Galicia is far from, well, anything. Well off the beaten tourist track, unless you are walking there on the battered dirt roads of the Camino de Santiago, Galicia remains one of the few undiscovered, untouched regions in […]

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Exploring La Rioja

The same day that C, J and I visited Mansilla, we drove around many other places in La Rioja. I was particularily excited because it was when all the leaves were beginning to change, so I got to see a colorful countryside. On our way to Mansilla in the morning, we stopped for coffee at […]

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Mansilla, nothing quite like it

A month or so ago, my good friends C and J, and I decided to take a road trip around La Rioja. It was mid-October, the perfect time to explore my new region. We traveled around for the whole day, and seriously, it had to have been one of my favorite days since arriving. My […]

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Olite: A Fairytale Castle in Navarra

Warning: this post contains many, many photos. In general I try to behave myself when it comes to the amount of pictures I upload on any given post, but this time, it could not be helped since I visited one of the most incredible castles I have ever been to in Europe and I went […]

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Pamplona-more than just bulls

Two weeks ago, my friend L flew over to visit me from Boston. First stop on the list was Pamplona (Iruña in Basque) the capital of Navarra, and about an hour away from me here in Logroño. I’ve been dying to come to Pamplona for years, it is supposed to be a beautiful city in […]

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