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Pincho of the Week: Setas

The other day my Spanish friends brought me to another classic pincho bar on the famous Laurel street in Logroño. Quite literally a hole in the wall, Bar Cid is easy to miss and I hungrily hop from my favorite champi mushroom pincho to my favorite brochette with goat cheese, Spanish ham and raspberry sauce. […]

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Pincho of the Week: Timbales

 Logroño’s pincho scene hasn’t changed too frequently since I arrived last September. Comforted by familiar faces and dishes, the infamous Laurel street bursting with pincho bars that seem unchanged for decades. Change comes slowly in Spain, if it comes at all, something I both love and hate here. Around San Juan and Laurel, there are […]

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pincho entrecot

Pincho of the Week: Entrecot

There is a fab new trend hitting pincho bars in Logroño! I’m in foodie heaven! Instead of serving up a little portion of something yummy skewered on a slice of bread like many of the traditional pinchos around town, many of the newer gastro-bars offer small portions of really delicious dishes combined with a small […]

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Pincho of the Week: Tortilla de Patata

What’s the most famous pincho in Spain? Probably tortilla de patata (Spanish potato omelette). You can find this in basically every bar and it’s a staple in the Spanish diet. For example, when some of my preschool students play house, they flip tortillas in their plastic frying pans. To put it mildly, I am obsessed with this dish. I eat it for […]

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Pincho of the Week: Cochinillo

This week’s pincho of the week has to be one of my favorite dishes in Spain: cochinillo, aka baby suckling pig. Doesn’t that just sound delicious? Not really, but trust me, it’s mouthwatering good. Now the last thing in the world I want when it comes to food is for my food to stare back […]

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Pincho of the Week: Quail Eggs

The theme of this week’s Pincho of the Week is quail eggs, yum yum. I am going to be perfectly honest here, I don’t think I have ever eaten quail eggs before coming to Logroño. Quails, yes, but their eggs, nope. Bar Samaray on the San Juan pincho street in Logroño loves them so much […]

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Semana del Pincho Logroño

Guess who is living in the 2012 Gastronomic Capital of Spain? (capital española de la gastronomía) That’s right, this girl! Luckily I grew up in a family of pretentious wine snobs and professional chefs, and I know what that actually means. Gastronomy, culinary, cooking, yummmmmm. It all comes down to one easy, simple concept: food. […]

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Mosto? What’s Mosto?

There are three acceptable drink options when going out for pinxtos in northern Spain, especially in Logroño. Only three. Wine, beer, and mosto. What is mosto? you are probably asking yourselves. Don’t worry, I was doing the same thing in September, and I had been living in Spain for 2 years before I figured it […]

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Pincho of the Week: Quejas

So one of my new favorite pinchos on Calle Laurel is at a bar called Quejas. Their speciality is a little sandwich pincho filled with jamón, melted cheese and grilled mushrooms. Perfect on a chilly night matched with one of their many delicious Rioja red wines, the quejas is quickly becoming one of my new […]

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Pincho of the Week: Patatas Bravas

This week’s pincho of the week is the infamous patatas bravas. Now I wish that I could claim that patatas bravas are native to La Rioja or are a typical tapa here, but I can’t. If anything, patatas bravas are probably the most famous tapa in Spain, along with tortilla de patata (man, Spain does […]

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Pincho of the Week: Blanco y Negro

This has been a very exciting week for me. I traveled up to Bilbao on Thursday to visit friends and finally meet fellow northern Spain blogger, Liz en España. We had an awesome night that ended with karaoke jam session that included rousing renditions of Bon Jovi and Katy Perry. When I got back home […]

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