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Semana del Pincho Logroño

Guess who is living in the 2012 Gastronomic Capital of Spain? (capital española de la gastronomía) That’s right, this girl! Luckily I grew up in a family of pretentious wine snobs and professional chefs, and I know what that actually means. Gastronomy, culinary, cooking, yummmmmm. It all comes down to one easy, simple concept: food. […]

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Beef Empanada Recipe

So a few weeks ago I found a new (awesome!) grocery store near my apartment in Córdoba. I live in the old part of the city, so there aren’t that many big stores near me; I had been making do with the small local stores, which are nice but not that great if you need […]

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salmorejo recipe

Salmorejo recipe

My first attempt at salmorejo! I think it came out pretty good! So I just made salmorejo for the first time, and it ultimately was a success! Salmorejo is a very traditional dish from Córdoba in Andalucía in southern Spain where I live. It is a cold cream-like soup made from tomatoes, bread, olive oil, […]

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Eating out in Spain

My friend Marie and me enjoying a long lunch in Toledo in 2009 (paella of course!) So in an attempt to continue blogging about cultural differences between the US and Spain, I figured I would go ahead and write about something pretty basic: eating out! Spain has a very big café/restaurant/bar culture. In fact, most […]

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Spanish Breakfast

So the traditional Spanish breakfast is usually a very light meal. Spain keeps it simple when it comes to breakfast foods. No potatoes or eggs or bacon. Nothing hot. Just easy and quick. Lunch is the big meal of the day and you gotta save room! Here in warm sunny Andalucía in the south people […]

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Tortilla de Patata Recipe

Tortilla de Patata Recipe

So one of my blogging goals is to include recipes of traditional food from around the world. For my first entry I figured I would go with the easiest, most common dish in Spain-tortilla de patata. Now a tortilla de patata is known as a Spanish potato omelette, and you can find in almost any […]

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