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Mosto? What’s Mosto?

There are three acceptable drink options when going out for pinxtos in northern Spain, especially in Logroño. Only three. Wine, beer, and mosto. What is mosto? you are probably asking yourselves. Don’t worry, I was doing the same thing in September, and I had been living in Spain for 2 years before I figured it […]

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My first La Rioja Winery: Bodegas Muga

Map of La Rioja, Haro is on the top left I have finally made it to a winery in La Rioja (after being here for a month). Better late than never, right? La Rioja is famous for it’s red wine, especially in Haro, the wine-producing center. So my friends and I made a reservation to […]

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Welcome to Logroño!

So if you haven’t already inferred from my numerous, occasionally long-winded, sporadically humorous blog posts, I have said adiós to the olive groves, flamenco fiestas and eternal sunshine of Córdoba in Andalucía, Spain, and traded it in for the vibrant, diverse northern city of Logroño, capital of La Rioja, wine country. I needed a change, […]

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San Mateo Festival

A few days after I arrived in Spain, San Mateo began, Logroño’s biggest festival of the year. What a way to welcome me to La Rioja! San Mateo (Saint Matthew) is actually a huge wine festival (Fiesta de la Vendimia) that coincides with the saint’s feast day. Wine literally flows all over the city-they even […]

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Cata del Vino Montilla-Moriles

So let’s talk wine! As the daughter of parents who are big wine enthusiasts, I have been happy to shun knowledge of good wine and be content to drink just about anything, as long as it’s cheap! But no more because in Spain you can find really good wine for really cheap. I am talking […]

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