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Who is Young Adventuress?

Young Adventuress is a solo female travel blog founded in the spring of 2010 by Liz Carlson while trekking through the Andes in Peru. Six months later she said goodbye to the US and moved to Spain for two years, attempting to teach English to toddlers and writing about expat life all while traveling around Europe and Africa. Now based in New Zealand, Young Adventuress is considered to be the top independent digital influencer in New Zealand and has been named both the top Instagrammer and Travel Blogger in New Zealand.

With an education in philology and history, Liz has a strong background in writing and cultural studies. Geared toward adventure and slow travel, Young Adventuress ranges from destination tips and historical observations to moving abroad and foreign language immersion and even to traveling the world safely with a life-threatening food allergy. Her main focus is solo female travel.

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Why work with Young Adventuress?

Named one of the Travel Blogs to Watch in 2013 by the Huffington Post, as well as being routinely featured on National Geographic, CNN, the BBC and Forbes, Young Adventuress’ scope continues to grow, with her traffic and social media following doubling every few months. Running one of the top 10 travel blogs in the world, Liz is frequently invited to speak at travel trade shows and conferences on creative social media and tactics and how to collaborate with digital influencers. She is also hired frequently for social media, blog and Instagram consulting. She is also a TEDx speaker and has appeared on HGTV and has worked with major brands such as Starbucks, Visa, Air New Zealand and Icelandair. She was named “the future of tourism in New Zealand” and was awarded the 2014 Blog of the Year in New Zealand. She has written for AFAR, BBC Travel and has a weekly travel column with Fairfax Media.

Nowadays people are looking to the Internet and blogs to help plan and organize trips. With strong credibility, influence and a very loyal and engaged readership with several million annual views and averaging 100+ comments an article, Liz is in valuable position to promote your brand, destination or product on her site and social networks. When Liz writes, people listen, and where she journeys, travelers follow.

Site Statistics 

Monthly Visitors: 215,000+

Monthly Unique Visitors: 180,000+

Monthly Pageviews: 305,000+

Subscribers: 5000+

Social Media

Facebook Page Likes: 23,000+

Twitter: 22,000+

Instagram: 140,000+

Pinterest: 3,500+

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With 500 published posts to date and over 6,000 comments, Young Adventuress reaches a highly engaged audience and has been able to generate a lot of discussion on her blog and social media channels; she averages over 80 comments an article. 40% of readers hail from the US and Canada while 25% come from Spain. 60% of readers tend to be well-educated women under 40, though Young Adventuress attracts male and female readers of all ages interested in travel.

Young Adventuress is unique in the sense that it targets both an English and Spanish speaking audience with bilingual articles. An expert on Spain, Liz offers valuable advice to those who wish to travel or move to Spain, while also targeting a Spanish speaking audience in Europe and the Americas, encouraging them to travel abroad. Many readers are short-term expats living abroad looking for trip ideas and advice while traveling. Young Adventuress is the most widely read and influential blog for English teaching assistants in Spain, with over 10,000 annual participants.

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Young Adventuress is open to various types of advertising, from sponsored posts to banner ads, product and service reviews to social media coverage. Please get in contact with Liz at [email protected] for pricing and details.

How can we work together?

Young Adventuress is open to various advertising options that reflect the site’s core values. Directed toward curious new travelers and seasoned travel vets alike, Liz is committed to sharing the most up to date and helpful travel advice in the most engaging and entertaining way possible.

Working with travel bloggers is a creative way to offer deliver fast promotion of a brand or destination and  see immediate results through social media and blog articles.

Young Adventuress is open to invitations on press trips, product, services and destination reviews, and she is  on the lookout for new and mutually beneficial partnerships and campaigns to share with her readers.

To discuss possible partnership and sponsorship opportunities and to see the full Young Adventuress media kit, please contact me at

[email protected]

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