The best hate I got in 2015

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It’s that time of year again guys! Get excited! I’m about to drop all the best hate comments I’ve gotten over the past 12 months. Prepare to be entertained. Are you not entertained? (Gladiator reference) because I know I sure am.

I feel like every year that I do my hater round-up posts, I’m in a totally different mindset. Back in 2012 I first wrote this post as a way to confront all the mean comments I was getting and to use it as an opportunity to learn to deal with negativity online. I was upset. My feelings were hurt. It never feels good when people are mean to you, right?

The next year I was starting to own it a bit more. In 2013 I learned to laugh. But I also quickly realized very few people took my approach to dealing with negativity, and that bothered me. Isn’t it better to just laugh it off?

2014 was the year I developed some kind of empathy and began to think about my trolls, and you know what? I started to feel sorry for them.

Pity party parade over here.

dealing with blog hate

And what does 2015 have in store? Honestly, I’m just over it, and basically I want to tell everyone to fuck off. Can I do that?

Is this a sign I’m getting bitter? Wait, don’t answer that.

I don’t try and be controversial but I do believe in honesty, authenticity, and saying what you think and mean. Trust me, there is NOT enough of that on the internet, and for some silly reason, it can rub people the wrong way.

I’d rather inspire a negative reaction in people than no reaction at all. I like to provoke people to think and question things. Sometimes I think I get a lot of shit because when people bash me I don’t take it lying down. Who knows.

Anywho, now I easily laugh most of them off for now (after sharing and shaming on my Snapchat of course – YoungAdventures) because I’ve finally come to the point where I pretty much just don’t care anymore. I’ve reached my optimal level of just not giving a crap.

dealing with blog hate

You hate my blog? You hate my face? You think I must live off my daddy’s money to live this life or that I’m not authentic? Well, just remember I am laughing at you when I’m flying around New Zealand in a helicopter or when I’m sleeping on a yacht on the Great Barrier Reef or when my face is on the front page of the BBC.

(Yikes that sounds spectacularly douche-y but I can’t help it).

And you know why I just don’t care anymore? Because I made it. How many people can say that? Because I’m happy in the knowledge that over the past 6 years of blogging I have been able to turn my wildest dreams into reality. I’ve learned that there are no limits whatsoever when you set your mind to something, and the bigger the risks you take, the bigger the reward.

dealing with blog hate

This is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever written because I’ve struggled my whole life with feeling inferior, not good enough, not pretty enough, not cool enough. I’ve never been proud of myself until now.

And I am really happy about is that I have worked incredibly hard to maintain my authenticity on my blog and my channels. I’ve turned down tens of thousands of dollars over the years to try and stay true to myself on here, which trust me, wasn’t easy when you couldn’t afford rent and you have over $100 grand in loan debt.

Putting people down who have big dreams is just fucked up. Putting people down who have been successful or who are happy is even worse and just goes to show how messed up you actually are. Can’t we all just support each other instead of dragging people down?

And putting down people who have a sense of humor that you just don’t get IS WRONG PEOPLE. STOP.

dealing with blog hate

In fact, I care so little now I was almost not going to write this. There are so many other positive projects I want to work on and I didn’t want to focus on the negative more than I had to.

But lucky for you guys there were some spectacularly awesome hate comments on my blog this year, and I wouldn’t dream of NOT sharing them here in the hopes of inspiring some of you guys to shake it off and to make you laugh.

Because that’s all you can do right?

Year four of trolling. Get ready. And don’t worry, I’d only share the best of the best with you guys. And just remember before you think about trolling me, I share your hate with millions of followers

And here are my hater posts from the past 3 years for those that want to catch up. You’re welcome.

dealing with blog hate

1. Apparently I’m a tall poppy (if you are asking yourself WTF is a tall poppy, its an annoying cultural phenomenon here in New Zealand)

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.51.30 AM

So by calling me a tall poppy you are calling me wildly successful and talented? Thanks!

Found on Volcanoes in Australia

dealing with blog hate

2. Falcon displays are bad

Damn I hate people who are high and mighty. I’m all about animal conservation but falconry? One of the most prestigious and oldest traditions in the Middle East? They treat falcons better than people over there. Whinge about that.

3. Problem with sponsors

Your fucking lipton ads ruined the entire blog post. you are not a travel blogger you are a advertising agency helping pay for your luxe life. infecting 100000 minds with brands to benefit for yourself. Awful. You don’t even reference where you stay.

How do people expect me to make money? Christ. Either they hate me for doing sponsored posts or they hate me because they think I’m independently wealthy and must live off my parent’s money. WHICH IS IT? Why you so hard to please?!

Found on Sailing the Whitsundays

dealing with blog hate

4. Problem with Dubai

When I ran out of countries to visit, I will veeeeryyyy slowly make my way to the fake, overrated, shallow, silicon gold-digger filled, Dubai. Only way to get me here before that, would have to be some kind of layover or if I’m offered a minimum of 10k for a couple days Modeling or film work…It will be the last country I would visit. Afghanistan… now that’s what I call an adventure… will be going there as a solo woman next year or so. Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Uganda, Tanzania etc, have rich history and beyond. I have been in entertainment industry for many years and I know what Dubai does … Tries to bribe big “names” so that they promote their obviously small manhood.. Only small size manhood builds places such as Dubai on the backs of slaves, who get their documents stolen and who are forced to work for laughable amounts. That’s the REAL Dubai… that nobody who is paid will ever talk about. (Story of Slavery and Abuse of slave-workers for those billionaires in Dubai is not a secret, I hope you know that). You once told me that me walking with Lions was unethical. Giving my money to Dubai is unethical to me…thanks for the laugh… a person who calls a woman “dude”, should be about 16-year-old, American idiot, who wouldn’t be able to point out Turkey or Egypt on a map. When you have over 25k readers in 190+ countries, worked in Hollywood films, modelled for legendary photographers, lived in 10 countries, traveled to over 40 and was granted and have dual citizenship, and have more than at least 100k google search results, get back to me… Dude.. until then.. take a f*ing hike.

God, gag me. I’m choking on the condescension here. Also I have zero respect for people who bash places they’ve never been to. ZERO.

Found on 25 photos that will inspire you to visit Dubai

dealing with blog hate

5. Email haters

RE: You Need to Stop

Lillian Winters <[email protected]>

Honestly, your “blog” does nothing but encourage people to make poor travel choices and spend unnecessary money traveling to ghettos. This is harmful and wrong. You need to stop. Take down the blog.

What is with people putting my blog in quotes? Are you implying it’s not a blog? I WILL NEVER TAKE DOWN THE BLOG! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!

dealing with blog hate

6.  Withholding information

Why don’t you put the locations on your pics ion each entry so people can visit the places that loo so beautiful DUH? Or do you not want people to now about them?

Because I didn’t fucking feel like it, that’s why. Use your words and if you want to know where I took a photo, ask me like a grown up.

Found on Getting paid to travel

dealing with blog hate

7. I should stop flying

I suggest if you find flying so offensive. Then cease doing so. You obviously have very little experience of life. I suggest you go home to mummy and daddy, as they are probably paying for you to blog this rubbish. And then demand then send you first class so you would not be bothered by all these horrendous people.

Might be a good idea if you were asked to be placed on a seat with no-one next to you.

I very much doubt if you converse with these horrible people and also doubt they would wish to bother talking or sitting next to such a stupidly opinionated little girl.

Cheers worthier travellers

God, if only my parents would fly me first class around the world, all my problems with buffoons on airplane would be solved. But considering I can’t even get them to buy me a coffee, I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Found on Things I wish people would stop doing on airplanes (seriously this post is just packed with hate comments towards me)

dealing with blog hate

8. I’m not allowed to dislike a teaching program in Spain

Look, I get it. Liz want a high SEO and lots of clicks, which I gave her myself.

To anyone who wants to do the program, go for it. You’ll learn, you’ll grow, you’ll start appreciating things more and you’ll have the opportunity to live and see life in a great country. Bureaucracy kinda sucks everywhere you go, and Spain will be no exception, but you have to respect whatever rules they have in place in order for you to be allowed to temporarily be part of their society. It’s just how it goes.

I think Liz does the program a great disservice by whining so much on her forum while basically ignoring how great it is. Hate is a very strong word, so readers, be not afraid, life can get challenging everywhere you go. Sure, if you are like Liz and need to be spoon fed everything in your life, have second thoughts, but if you are like the vast majority of young people; smart, energetic, curious, spontaneous and fun loving, do the program. The two years I spent in Spain because of the program were some of the best times of my life.

Do go on, please tell me more about myself. You clearly know me best, right??

Found on why I hate the auxiliar program in Spain

dealing with blog hate

9. This entire hateful forum about how much my blog sucks

Why are people so awful? And when will I learn to never look at GOMI?

10. When did I ever say I was famous?

It’s funny that a few comments down you say you’ve worked with some of the most famous photographers and videographers and how popular you are……..but, who are you? I could ask a hundred photographers and none would know you. TV shows? Any worth anything? Where are your awards? If you’ve worked with the best videographers in the world?!?!?!?!? No one knows you. You act like you’re famous….there’s Twitter feminists more famous than you. More people know who Goth Lord is than Liz Carlson. honestly, your social media like Twitter is always dead, you think 55k instagram likes is “super famous”, you barely get 3k likes on your own posts, and you are relatively unknown among anyone worth a grain of salt….ever. You barely even get any comments here! You are an unknown except in a super small niche part of the internet (hell, I wouldn’t know who you were unless I was an expat who lived in Spain), and even there….you aren’t the most popular. I’m confused on how someone like you can be so cocky when you are honestly so small. You brag about so much but it’s so clear that that is just a facade for how minuscule you know you are. Your impact is tiny. Your work is mediocre. You’re so bitter, it’s actually rather amusing. You’re even more delusional, it’s more amusing.

Do you feel better know getting that off your chest?

Found on 25 photos that will inspire you visit Dubai

11. And the best hate comment of all time? Drumroll please….

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.11.26 AM

God, I’m dying! This has to be the funniest thing I’ve ever read about myself. HA!

Found on – So you want to be a travel blogger, do you?

Have you ever had to deal with haters? On a blog, social media or in real life? How did you cope? And just remember, you should be proud of yourself no matter what and don’t let people put you down. Just laugh.

dealing with blog hate

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  1. Hey Liz,

    Keep doing your blog. I’m not following you for a long time, but what I read and saw so far is great!so congrats for what you’re doing! And don’t let people put you down. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND NOW WHAT MAKES THEM HAPPY. They don’t care about your feelings so why should you do?
    Don’t care about them and keep doing. Life is too short ?

  2. Haha, I love your not-giving-a-shit attitude. This is one of the reasons why I actually really like this blog, that you don´t take any BS. That and the fact that you are killing it as a female solo traveller.

    I think many people (including myself) feel inadequate and not good enough so I also like how you write to inspire people to think that everything is possible.

    Happy New Year, may this year be full of great comments 😉

    1. Yeah, your attitude is great! I wish I can do that too. Hateful comments bring me down. I have to learn more from you. People are so mean and jealous.

      PS: You look great and your teeth are amazing! Don’t believe any idiot!!!

      Continue blogging!

  3. I just don’t understand why people spend time and energy on this kind of ridiculous negativity. What the f*ck, world?! Keep doing you, Liz!

    1. Me neither. I actually was quite close to not even writing this this year because I didn’t want to dwell on it. I only went through with it because I know people look forward to it haha

      1. Liz, Bless your heart. You keep doing what you’re doing. You are Beautiful in more ways than one. I appreciate what you do. You go girl !!

    2. This was my first thought too–if I’m not interested in something, I just move on with my life/reading. If something makes me mad–even really mad–I probably talk about it with someone and then move on. I swear people have too much time on their hands.

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