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My recent adventures

Rafting the Landsborough River – one of New Zealand’s greatest adventures

The story of an epic adventure whitewater rafting in a wild part of the Southern Alps

20 photos that will inspire you to visit Western Australia

My favorite moments from a week around Margaret River for Gourmet Escape 2017

12 of the most charming spots in Ireland

From seaside gems to cute villages to dreamy landscapes, Ireland is nothing if not delightful

My favorite stories

All the mean, nasty and godawful hateful things people say to me online

Guys, why do people troll on the internet? Why are blogger hate comments ...

Solo and single in the most romantic place in the world

How glossy and polished is the travel industry today? Well, I suppose it's ...

22 photos to inspire you to visit Ireland

A decade ago I visited Ireland for the very first time. Man, doesn't speaking ...

Where I screwed up big time

This might be my funniest story of all time

Guys, the funniest thing happened to me the other day. Now, I know I ...

Getting Naked in Istanbul

**Warning this post borders on the TMI, but I thought it was too ...

That one time I fell off a camel in Jordan

Sometimes life hands you a trip to Jordan (wahooo!) and sometimes life throws you off ...

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