Curious about traveling to the Arctic?

Polar bears hunt on the sea ice, playful beluga whales swim nearby, icebergs the size of a skyscraper, the Northern Lights, and Inuit art and culture stretch back millennia. This is the Arctic. It’s a transformative place that you’ll remember forever.

The Arctic is one of my favorite places to explore. I’ve been traveling there for nearly a decade and have now become an expedition guide. I’ve completed over a dozen polar expeditions, and I’m passionate about sharing this part of the world with other like-minded travelers. A new path for me is helping people join the perfect voyage for them. I’ll even be a guide on many of the expeditions below – come along with me!

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Greenland and Canada: High Arctic Explorer

This trip offers a taste of everything Arctic. We explore Tallurutiup Imanga, one of the largest marine protected areas in Canada and home to iconic Arctic wildlife. Visiting some of the Inuit communities of Greenland and Canada is a highlight for many passengers and gives a real glimpse of what life in the Arctic is like today.

We dip our toes into the Northwest Passage and explore some of the famous sites from Arctic exploration, like Beechey Island, where some of the first evidence of what happened to the ill-fated Franklin expedition was discovered.

13 days | August 3 to August 15, 2024

13 days | August 15 to August 27, 2024

*Margaret Attwood is the special guest on the 2nd voyage

*I’ll be on both voyages

from $9,995 USD $7,496 USD

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Heart of the Arctic

You’ll get to experience both Greenland and Canada through the lens of Arctic communities, stopping at notable places like Kinngait (Cape Dorset), home to some of the most amazing Inuit Art. For those looking for genuine cultural experiences, this trip is for you.

We travel alongside local guides who are onboard as cultural educators through Inuit Nunangat, the ice, water, and lands of the Inuit. As guests, we experience the places they call home and learn about language, arts, cuisine, music, and traditions. There are also great wilderness and wildlife adventures all along the way.

13 days | July 22 to August 3, 2024

*I’ll be on this voyage

13 days | July 24 to August 5, 2025

from $5,995 USD $4796 USD

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The Northwest Passage

On the Into the Northwest Passage trip, you tend to experience more birds, botany, and biodiversity as it’s still the end of summer. It also follows more closely the path of the early Arctic explorers searching for the Northwest Passage.

Out of the Northwest Passage reaches the highest latitude, visiting Grise Fjord, the most northerly community in Canada. Early autumn means a great time to look for the Northern Lights as well as the tundra turning red and gold as the first snows begin to fall in the mountains.

17 days | August 27 to Sept. 12, 2024

17 days | Sept. 12 to September 28, 2024

*I’ll be on this voyage

17 days | August 16 to September 1, 2025

17 Days | September 1 to September 17, 2025

from $13,995 USD $10,496 USD

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**Please note this is a map for the Out of the NWP trip; it’s slightly different for Into the NWP

Greenland & Wild Labrador: A Torngat Mountains Adventure

Very few can visit the Torngat Mountains in Canada, and Adventure Canada is one of the only operators with permits to visit the national park. Alongside local guides, we look for bears and wildlife and learn about Inuit history and culture.

Many of the expedition team guides are from Nain, the northernmost community in the region, making it a trip near and dear to everyone. You still get to experience the Greenland wilderness before heading over to Newfoundland and Labrador. In the autumn, the landscape has transformed into red and gold.

16 days | September 28 to October 12, 2024

*I’ll be on this voyage

16 days | September 17 to October 1, 2025

From $8,995 USD $7,196 USD

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Iceland to Greenland: In the Wake of the Vikings

Follow the Vikings sailing from Iceland to Greenland through the water blue whales call home, taking in the wild fiords and glaciers of East Greenland, a place few get the chance to visit.

Heading west, we begin taking in many of the famous Norse archaeological sites, where the Vikings settled for hundreds of years before mysteriously disappearing. Visiting places where the Thule people lived (ancestors of modern Inuit) and learning about their history is a highlight. We also visit Nuuk, the vibrant capital of Greenland.

14 days | July 12 to July 24, 2025

From $5,395 USD

Check out the full itinerary here

Baffin Island and Greenland: Circling the Midnight Sun

Travel alongside local Inuit guides and experience Greenland and Baffin Island, a land of huge mountains, glaciers, sea ice, wildlife, and adventure. Baffin Island offers incredible wildlife viewing opportunities and breathtaking landscapes, especially around the Cumberland Peninsula.

Pangnirtung is a vibrant mountain community on Baffin Island that is beloved by passengers and expedition teams alike. Known for both its arts and landscapes, it appeals to every kind of traveler.

12 days | August 5 to August 16, 2025

From $6,495 USD

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Cabin Information onboard the Ocean Endeavour

Where my solo travelers at? You can book a cabin as a double (with friends or partners or all for yourself), or you can book as a single and be matched with another same-sex passenger in the twin cabins. We even have a few solo cabins with free single supplements (while availability lasts). There are various cabin types, even suites. We can answer all your questions on the Enquiry Form.

traveling to the Arctic

Meaningful Cultural Exchange

One of the most memorable parts of traveling with Adventure Canada is the real opportunity to engage with people from other cultures in a meaningful way. Many of the expert guides onboard are local Inuit, and we have the only Inuk expedition leader in industry-leading trips. Arts, language, food, local traditions, and music are woven into the educational program onboard, deepening our cultural connections to the places we travel to. You’ll arrive as a visitor and leave as an ambassador.

traveling to the Arctic

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