Postcards from Luxor, Egypt

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After M and I said goodbye to filthy hot Cairo in April, we hopped on an overnight train down to Luxor, Egypt in the south, an adventure all on its own. Luxor is the place to be in Egypt, since it is where most of the well-known ancient Egyptian sights are located across the Nile on the west bank, like King Tut’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings. There are two amazing temple complexes located in town, Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple, both of which we visited on our first day in +100 degree weather. We stayed at the most amazing place called Nefertiti Hotel, seriously, if you are ever in Luxor, stay there. I have so much to write and share with you guys about Luxor, it’s almost overwhelming, along with my tips for traveling in Egypt. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some photos of Luxor to keep you busy.

These photos are taken from Karnak Temple, one of the most visited sites in Egypt.

luxor, egypt

luxor, egypt

Around Luxor

luxor, egypt


These photos were all taken at Luxor Temple



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    1. yeah we intentionally decided to check out the temple at sunset since we heard it was most beautiful then! It also is much more bearable than at mid-day when its about 110 degrees out!

  1. Que envidia, tia! These pictures are beautiful and the experience must have given you goosebumps. I’m especially impressed with the height of the buildings and the colors of the sun setting on the Luxor temple–stunning!

  2. im pretty certain my life will be complete once i make it to egypt. growing up i was obsessed with egyptian art and it has so inspired me to visit. i just need to freaking do it!

    1. yes do it! now is the time to go to because tourism is waaaay down, and it felt totally safe. go with your bf though so you wont get super hassled like I was. I was the same way! I grew up obsessed with ancient egpyt, so getting to visit was a lifelong dream come true!

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