VIDEO – Visiting Dunedin, New Zealand, a rad little city by the sea

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What’s up guys?

New year, new starts, new me. Ok, not really, I’m probably just the same, maybe 10 pounds heavier after all this Christmas feasting back home in the US, but I’d like to think I’m a whole new person!

Anywho, I have SO MUCH COOL STUFF I can’t wait to share with you guys in 2017, but I wanted to get started with a bang and something new and fresh – VIDEO!

I’ve been at this whole “blogging thing” for seven years. Seven freaking years, that’s an eternity in digital media, not to mention that’s the longest I’ve ever been committed to anything! And the only reason (I believe) that I am still around after all this time is because I am always trying to shake things up and do something new. Otherwise I would have gotten bored and moved on.

And 2017 will be all about that. I realized last year that boredom has started to creep into my travels. UH OH. While my travel style has changed and evolved over the years, I can definitely feel it shifting again as we speak. Now more than ever I am passionate than ever about trying out new and creative projects.

video visit dunedin

video visit dunedin

So where am I going with all this rambling?

Basically I wanted to kick of 2017 on the blog with something new and different – my first proper video project in years – introducing the amazing New Zealand city of Dunedin, one of my last adventures of 2016. I’ve toyed with it here and there but now I am committed to sharing a lot more videos on here and of my adventures and mess-ups around the world.

One of my best friends in Wanaka, is a crazy Russian blonde girl named Olya who makes the most creative and beautiful videos. I’ve known her for almost as long as I have lived in Wanaka and we’ve worked together on a few projects this past year, but now we are making it official and collaborating more this year.

So exciting right?

video visit dunedin

video visit dunedin

Our first adventure wasn’t too far – an easy and beautiful three hour drive from Wanaka will land you in the big little city of Dunedin.

Dunedin is a place I have visited on and off over the years because it’s our closest city on the South Island, but I had never really given it a thorough look as a travel location. Like with so many of us, we often don’t pay attention to our own backyard, right? Time for that to change.

I’m glad I finally opened my eyes because Dunedin is AWESOME. All caps.

It’s got an amazing emerging new culture scene with great foodie spots, local cafes, trendy new food product brands, pop ups everywhere and amazing street art. And right there you have the beautiful Central Otago coastline to enjoy. Within minutes you can be out of the colorful city and getting lost in stunning natural landscapes with crazy cool wildlife. For me it’s the epitome of urban meets nature. It’s a big small city that is young and fun and creative, what more could you ask for?

I have SO MUCH more to share about Dunedin, so stay tuned, but in the meantime, check out my video from my whirlwind long weekend in this cool little city and please subscribe to my Youtube channel for more visual adventures this year and let me know what you think in the comments!

What do you have planned for 2017? Any creative ventures? Have you been to Dunedin? What do you think? Spill!

video visit dunedin

video visit dunedin

video visit dunedin

video visit dunedin

video visit dunedin

video visit dunedin

Many thanks to Dunedin for hosting me on this adventure – like always I’m keeping it real – all opinions are my own, like you could expect less from me!

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  1. Wow! Honestly we would never have thought of any cities when it’s about New Zealand. Just nature, nature, nature. But these street arts look so cool! And nature is also not far. 🙂 We love your photography and excited to see more of your videos!

    1. Yeah mate, NZ’s beautiful South Island has two significant cities. Unfortunately, Christchurch is constantly suffeeing from earthquakes. Come check out Dunedin City, rated NZ’s best quality of life (–just ). NZ’s top university, NZ’s fastest internet, great beaches & outdoors, an abundance of sporting, entertainment, art & culture opportunies, a full range of jobs, eco- and heritage tourismetc. Yet houses are still affordable ( e.g. ). Welcome to

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