My Gear

Curious to see what I’ve got in my bag? Want to know about my blogging tools? You can find them all below:


Canon 60D

I love my Canon. Not only does it take sharp photos, but the HD video and swivel/flip-out LCD screen are both great additions.  I upgraded from the Canon Rebel and the extra quality and features were totally worth it.

My entry level DSLR: Canon Rebel

My first DSLR, this was a great choice when I was just getting started and moving on from my point and shoot. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and still takes great pictures.

Tamron AF 17-50mm F/2.8 lens

My go-to lens, I have this one on my Canon most of the time. The low f-stop allows for a lot of light, perfect for capturing New Zealand’s night sky.


10-22mm Canon lens

This wide angle lens is used less frequently, but looks great in urban landscapes.

My next purchase: 70-200mm telephoto lens

I’ve been dying for a telephoto for my hiking trips in the mountains. The Tamron just doesn’t allow for me to get close enough whatsoever. Being heavy duty along with moisture and dust resistant, this lens would stand up to the tough conditions I’d put it through.



Vangaurd Alta Pro 254CT Tripod

Made from carbon fiber, this tripod is lightweight but heavy duty.  I mostly use it for when I’m hiking alone and want a photo of myself.

Wireless Timer Remote for Canon

Instead of using the 10 second timer for photos of myself, I use this wireless remote. It’s small and much easier than rushing to get in place before the shutter.


Transcend 32 GB Memory Card

The perfect memory card for trips, this one can hold about 1,000 RAW images before it’s full.

GoPro Hero 

The GoPro has been a trusty side-kick of mine for years now. It’s perfect for diving and snorkeling…and turtle selfies of course.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 9.39.23 PM

Gorillapod Action Tripod

I love this flexible tripod the my GoPro. It can attach to almost anything and is great for time-lapses.

Iphone 5

I’ve had a lot of good times with my 5, but I plan on upgrading to the Iphone 6 ASAP.


ThrillPro Selfie Stick

Perfect for both my GoPro and phone, this selfie stick is two in one.  It’s also waterproof.


The Olloclip is a fun addition to Iphone photos. The small lens snaps right on top of your Iphone lens giving it different effects. I usually use the fisheye.


ONA Brooklyn Camera Bag

The ONA bags are perfect for travel and everyday use. Not only do they keep all my gear safe and protected, they don’t look like camera bags. This way no one knows I am toting around hundreds of dollars of equipment. The Brooklyn bag is casual enough for daily use but sleek enough for meetings.


ONA Camps Bay backpack

I have the ONA Camps Bay when I feel like carrying all my camera gear on my back.  It holds my DSLR, up to 7 lenses and my computer. Perfect for keeping almost all my electronics in one place…and it’s cute too!


Eagle Creek Deviate 60L

I’ve had this pack since 2007. It’s been through a lot with me and has held up to the challenge.

Osprey Ariel 55L Pack

My trekking backpack, this one is perfect for my multi-day hikes around NZ.


Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

I’ll never pack without packing cubes again. These lightweight separators organize your clothes and pack things tightly. My bag is no long one huge unorganized mess!


This small rechargeable device shoots UV light into water that may be unsafe to drink. It’s perfect for when I want to take water straight from a creek and then purify it in my water bottle.


Transcend Military Drop Tested Hard Drive

My photos are like my children, and losing them would be heart-breaking. This hard drive is drop-proof so I can take comfort in the fact all of my photos and documents are safe. & Bluehost 

Moving from Blogspot to a few years ago was such a crucial blogging decision. I also waited far too long to do it!

For hosting, I use Bluehost which I consider the best hosting out there. Host Gator is a disaster.


Super Star Blogging

The SSB crew has been so helpful and supportive. If you want to take your blog to the next level, look no further. It’s also the only travel blogging group that I am active in, so if you ever want my advice on anything, you will find it here.  I’m also currently writing a course on storytelling so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

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