Spain Eats

One of my goals for this blog is to post about all the different types of food in Spain, along with including some recipes for traditional Spanish dishes (while learning to cook them myself in the process) along with many other of my favorite recipes from back home and other countries. If anyone has any good recipes, suggestions, or ideas, please shoot me an email! Now that I am living in Logroño in the La Rioja in the north of Spain, a city famous for its pinchos (tapas), I feel that it is my duty to share with you all many of the different types of pinchos here, which is why I have started a new project called Pincho of the Week. Every week I’ll post a new pincho served here in Logroño. I hope you all enjoy, and don’t too hungry reading about it! And since I am living in wine country as well, I would like to go ahead and share my posts about the different wineries that I visit.

Pincho of the Week:


Tortita de camarones (coming soon!)

Croquetas (coming soon!)

Gazpacho (coming soon!)