Bacon, Dates, and Cheese Empanada Recipe

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Last summer I visited friends in Fuengirola, Spain, and they made the most incredible dinner. Included was something I had never tried, nor ever even heard of! A bacon, cheese, and date empanada! Somehow all these flavors come together marvelously! I tastes incredible! I couldn’t wait to make it myself! Now I have never made one giant empanada before, usually I make little individual ones, but I like to try new things, and this is great for parties or bigger meals.

Ingredients:Empanada dough (easy enough to find in Spain, in the States I think you can substitute pre-made pie crust)
Mozzarella or any kind of white cheese
Uncooked bacon
An egg yolk

Regarding cooking the dough, just follow the directions that come on the package. Preheat oven to 350°F or 175°C or thereabouts, whatever directions are on the box. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and lay out flat the empanada dough. Now I suppose you can get creative with making designs in the dough, ect, but since this was my first time making it on my ow, I stuck to the basics. On half the dough, make a layer of raw bacon. Cut the dates in half and layer on top of the bacon, then make a layer of cheese on top. Again, this is totally open to experimentation, and I think next time I will play around with adding spices, different types of cheese, and maybe making two layers, but for now, the basics.

Fold the dough over the top, like a book, making sure that the edges are covered. Then fold the edges together and press tightly with a fork to seal them. Don’t forget to cut a slit in the top of the empanada with a knife. In a separate bowl, whisk an egg yolk and then brush over the top of the empanada. Bake until golden brown according to the directions, around 30-40 minutes. Best served warm and gooey.

I hope you guys love this dish as much as me! Let me know how any variations turn out!













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