5 things I learned this week…

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1. Men here have no shame when it comes to dressing up for Carnaval. I honestly think it’s a holiday where Spanish men can display their inner cross-dresser! But hey, gotta love a grown man in a dress, rock on!

2. If you want to say one billion in Spanish, it’s not “un billón,” rather “un mil millón” or one thousand million. Can someone explain this to me? Does it have to do with the metric system? Because I just don’t get it…

3. On Ash Wednesday a priest came into my classes and put ash crosses on all my student’s foreheads. I also work at a government funded PUBLIC school. Freedom of religion? Separation of church and state? Come on Spain!

4. There is sort of a “lost in translation” moment when it comes to my sarcasm in Spanish. (To my roommate, Lucía) I wasn’t actually going to throw your expensive flute out the window if you kept playing during siesta. Calm down! Sheesh!

5. That ham and cheese sandwich I bought for lunch yesterday? Yeah, that was ham and butter.

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