Feliz Navidad en el Cole

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Last Wednesday, Santa came to one of my schools to visit my preschoolers, and it seriously has to have been one of the best days since I have been in Logroño! It was like a rock star showed up with the level of screaming and excitement going on. I wish I could describe how happy all of my kids were…oh wait, I took pictures! If the looks on the kid’s faces are anything to go by, I think you have an idea of how much fun it was.

Also I had forgotten how funny kids can be and how easy it is to mess with them. In the middle of the ceremony, one of my 4 year olds tugged on my shirt and whispered in my ear, “Eli, that isn’t the real Santa, you know.” To which I replied of course, “be careful he doesn’t hear you say that, Alejandro. Santa knows everything, and I would hate for you not to get any presents this year.” He got really quiet and stared at me, then looked at Santa, then again at me for a few minutes. It was HILARIOUS! I love kids!

I thought it couldn’t get any better than that, but last Friday, my other school had it’s Christmas Celebration which I decided I would attend, even though it was my day off. Yup, that’s how much I love my schools, teachers, and kiddies! And I am so glad I went because it was so much fun! And I was not going to miss the chance to see all of my 3 year olds dressed up as santas and reindeer! Too cute! The whole day was dedicated to each grade putting on a performance, usually a Christmas carol (villancico) or a play. We had hot chocolate, I’m talking real, Spanish hot chocolate where it’s literally a cup of melted chocolate with some traditional Christmas sweets, during the break judging the kid’s nativity scenes they made, usually out of candy, before resuming watching all the performances. We ended the day with all the teachers on the stage singing, “I wanna wish you a merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad.” And guess who was unexpectedly handed the microphone (in front of the ENTIRE school) when the English part came on? Yup, you got it. This girl! Good thing I have no shame when it comes to Christmas carols and singing in public! All in all it was an incredible day!

Here is a list of videos some of my favorite Spanish Christmas carols that my kids sang this year:
Ande ande ande la marimorena
Arre boriquito
Los peces en el río
La vaca estudiosa (ok this one isn’t technically a Christmas carol, but my 4th graders sang it, note the cow photo below, and it was adorable!)


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