Trover: My Latest Travel Addiction

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trover app review

Sometimes I think I am the worst travel blogger out there.

I’ve never considered myself to be very tech-savvy or up to date on the latest travel crazes. Hell, I still even check in at the counter in airports and plan from guidebooks, you know, physical books that smell like paper and possible adventures, not from other blogs.

But before all of that, what gets me interested in a place? It’s usually a visual somewhere. On Facebook. In a movie. In a book. On a poster. I can almost always trace back the inspiration for a trip somewhere in a picture or video I’ve seen.

I don’t know about you guys, but until recently I haven’t found any website or app that can both inspire and help me plan a trip visually.

Until I heard about Trover.

trover app review

At first I was like, AGH not another app to sign up for, but then I quickly realized it was the one for me, pretty much combining everything I wanted for travel and planning trips in one spot.

Phew, relieved. But why is Trover so kick-ass? It does everything I want and more for travel planning.

For example, I’m headed to Queensland, Australia for a few weeks, and I needed to figure out what I really wanted to see and do and of course, eat during my time there to plan, especially since Queensland is gi-normous. It’s like a quarter of all of Australia!

While I had been thinking about Queensland on and off for years, I really didn’t know too many specifics. Pretty much the only idea I had of it in my head was from this viral photo on Pinterest of the Whitsundays.

trover app review

I mean, pretty cool right? Wouldn’t you want to go here too?

And while I love Pinterest to death, I haven’t really turned it into my main source for travel inspiration and trip planning. Mostly I pin pretty things, yummy recipes I’ll never succeed at making, craft ideas that don’t really work, inspirational quotes (I’m addicted) and of course, cat photos.

I have a feeling that’s what most girls use it for, am I right?

So I went on Pinterest to see if I can find some tips and ideas for Queensland.

trover app review

Yeah, not too helpful.

I was already excited about the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef, but what else? There has to be more in Queensland than beaches!

The problem with Pinterest is that it is hard to sift through photos like this, not to mention photos tend to go viral that have no relevant information attached to them.

Especially since everyone (girls) love a good beach and of course, that’s what gets shared the most. And on top of that, while even though you can pin from websites, creating a bookmark, rarely to the pins lead to anywhere useful, unless you pin it yourself.

Or even better yet, things are incorrectly labeled. Hey that’s not in Queensland, that’s Fiji!


trover app review

So I turn to my second favorite image-based app and website, Instagram, which as it turns out, is even MORE of a nightmare to sift through trying to find tips and ideas for a destination.

Apart from pages dedicated specifically to Queensland, searching through hashtags like #Queensland will get you nowhere. Even searching through the official tourism board’s hashtag #ThisIsQueensland can be tricky.

By this point while trying to plan a trip, I would have about 10 tabs open on my laptop with a guidebook on my lap and my phone on too.

Come on! Why is this so hard?

trover app review

So when I decided to try out Trover for the first time, it didn’t take long for me to realize that this was the app I was looking for all along, cutting out all of the crap and time wasted sorting through irrelevant content on other sites.

I think what I love the most about Trover is that everything you post and what other people post is tagged with the location. So you can search via geotags.

The most relevant and close by sites are listed at the top and the further you scroll down, the further away everything is, with a little tab at the side mentioning the distance. I LOVE that.

And on your own posts of places to visit that you’ve shared, Trover creates a map automatically that you can search through.

trover app review

To test out planning and searching for ideas for a trip – I created a list of places in Queensland that inspired me here, curating a board of content posted by other people of their top tips for Queensland.

And you know what happened? In the space of 5 minutes, I already had more ideas for my trip than in an hour of searching in other places.

It also generates a map you can scroll through to get an idea of where everything is in relation to each other, an invaluable tool for planning, and saving a bunch of time without having to google map everything in yet another time.

Finally, a travel app for people addicted to lists! Dreams come true!

trover app review

What else do I love about Trover?

I love that how organized it is, and how I can search through my own posts by country, with tabs at the top of the page making it easily navigable.

For example, if I want more ideas about a place I’ve been to or that other people have shared, underneath the photo you can search for more ideas of places close by under “Explore this area,” since Trover organizes by the location that’s tagged on each photo, cutting out the hassle of vague or incorrect hashtags.

trover app review

Over Christmas I explored Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand for 2 days, but I know there is so much more to see and do than I realized. By searching for more photos under the location, I have been able to gather, collect and save into lists for later giving me even more ideas and suggestions of spots to visit in this park when I return.

I also love that it’s both easily used on my phone AND on my laptop, instead of either or. I can easily update, search and add to my ever-growing lists from both interfaces.

But the best part?

All the tips and suggestions come from fellow travelers.

trover app review

Again, this is where so many other sites and searches have failed for me, because they are not geared towards travelers.

Well, Trover is and that makes all the difference. It is a community. It’s for travelers.

Everyone who posts, shares something having in mind that it both needs to be helpful and be useful to someone planning a trip. So instead of millions of bathroom selfies, pretty sunsets and average meals, there is thought and purpose behind each update.

Not just another photo of a pretty photo of the Great Barrier Reef, I now have the locations listed, details about where to go on the reef, not to mention taking away the idea that it’s more than just snorkeling or diving out there, you can actually go on scenic flights OVER the reef.

Check, check, check – that one’s going on the list.

trover app review

This is great for me, because I am always making notes on my phone or on paper of little tips and suggestions of places I’m hoping to visit and where I’ve been and don’t want to forget.

Instead, I can just share a photo and put that tip straight online, knowing that it’s in a place where I can easily find it but also it might help others straight away too, instead of it getting lost in mass social media posts or buried on my blog somewhere, never to see the light of day or to be easily forgotten.

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, Trover fits all the things I didn’t even realize I was missing in online travel planning. This was too good not to share.

You can download Trover here and be sure to give me a follow and check out my little tips and tricks once you’ve joined the Trover travel community!

Have you heard of Trover? Does this seem like an app for you too? Where do you store your best travel tips?

trover app review

This post is in part of a collaboration between me and Trover. All opinions are my own, like always.

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  1. Love this – I am planning my first ever trip and I am always looking for ideas and after this glowing review I have already downloaded the app and will be getting my click on very soon 🙂

  2. GAH, I need this! Pinterest and Instagram completely overwhelm the crap out of me. Trover seems absolutely perfect. I’ll totally be using this for my upcoming trip to Guatemala.

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