JUCY Campervan Giveaway!

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JUCY campervan giveaway

It’s been waaaaaaay too long since I’ve had a giveaway on my blog. Forgive me!

But there is always something to celebrate, and I feel like I don’t get the chance to say thank you to all you guys enough, something I’m trying to work on.

It’s not often that I check my blog stats. I find the less I know, the less I worry about trying to keep up with the rat race, or comparing myself to others. All that time I could have spent worrying, I can instead use on something productive – like planning a giveaway!

Where am I going with this?

JUCY campervan giveaway

So I finally logged into my analytics a few weeks ago, and low and behold, I found that I’ve had over a million visitors since this New Years. Holy crap! What a surprise!

A million?! That’s a big number for a blogger. I mean I think that means I’ve made it, right? A million is quantifiable and it sounds pretty good when I am trying to make myself sound legit to mom and dad (I’ll let you know how it goes when I tell them, and see if they still tell me to get a “real” job).

So I wanted to say thank you to the million of you guys for putting up with me this past year and sticking around through everything. You rock! I’m not one for getting all emotional, but when I think the incredible feedback, messages, and positivity I’ve gotten over the years, especially this past year, it makes me so happy I could cry. In fact, sometimes it does make me cry, but please don’t tell anyone. Thanks.

To say thank you, I’ve organized a big surprise this week for you all. Dun, dun, dun….drumroll please!!!

JUCY campervan giveaway

I’m giving away a 7 day JUCY camper rental!!!

You can use it in New Zealand, Australia, or the USA too! ( Not I’m not biased or anything but PICK NEW ZEALAND!!!)

2 months ago I did my first campervan trip in New Zealand with JUCY and it completely changed how I travel. Now I want to share that experience with you all and give you the same chance.

Campervanning is a kiwi past time, and it’s one of the best ways to see the country. Going from place to place with your house on a back like a turtle allows you to experience a country in a whole new way. I’m hooked! I’m already planning my next trips in a campervan around the world.

JUCY campervan giveaway

JUCY campervan giveaway

JUCY first caught my attention here with their bright purple and green vans, cute logos and taglines, and kickass social media presence. It’s hard to miss them.

They are fun, hip and with it, in every sense. And that’s what we want on vacation right?

I was really impressed on my 2 week roadie around the South Island with JUCY in winter, and can’t wait to get back on the road.

So are you ready?

JUCY campervan giveaway

JUCY campervan giveaway

Here are the details:

This contest is for a 7 day JUCY camper rental with basic insurance to be used in one of the following places:

The T’s and C’s vary country to country, and they’ll be a few black out days over the super busiest time of year, depending on the county. Otherwise it’s all yours!

JUCY campervan giveaway

How to enter?

Be sure to fill out the giveaway form below, following JUCY on Facebook and tweeting and sharing about the contest for more entries as well as subscribing to my newsletter for future freebies. And don’t forget, please leave me a comment on this post telling me where you dream of taking your JUCY camper around New Zealand, Australia or the USA!

The contest will run this week, October 20th 2014 and end on Monday, October 27th at 5:00pm EST (or Tuesday 10am New Zealand time) when I’ll announce a winner!

Good luck and thanks a million!

Update – this giveaway is now closed – congrats to Jess from Tennessee for winning!

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  1. My family and I are planning our trip to New Zealand. It’ll be such a nice opportunity to see the country the proper way. It has always been my dream to visit New Zealand. And now it’s coming true!! Thank you!

  2. WOW! I would love to travel NZ, but we’d probably need to travel the USA. What a lovely opportunity, though. Hmmm… I wonder if we could go ahead and swing a NZ trip next year…

  3. New Zealand. Already on my bucket list to follow your two week south island adventure. If I win I’ll stress on how to condense two weeks into one.

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