5 common fears I face traveling and how I manage them

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travel fears

It still blows me away how afraid people can be of the world. I’m about to share my thoughts about #fearlesstravel. Dig in.

Maybe it’s just because we are force-fed horror travel stories and are told to have travel fears every day though online media that tells us we should be very very afraid, or everyone knows someone who had something bad happen to them traveling. Who knows. But for some reason or another we’ve come to live in a world that is portrayed as being dangerous, when the truth is, it’s not.

When I tell people I travel alone as a woman, you wouldn’t believe the crap I hear back and how I must be crazy.

I realized a long time ago that the world is not as scary as we are led to believe and to take what people say with a grain of salt. For me and based on my experiences, the good and positive travel moments and memories far outweigh the bad.

I wish we lived in a more positive world, don’t you?

travel fears

travel fears

Travel is really not that scary guys. And one of the most beautiful things about travel is learning to face your fears and overcome challenges on the road. At least for me, that’s one of the main reasons I love travel.

In some ways I’ve become super complacent when on the road. I’ve been traveling for so long I’m almost oblivious to the obvious fears now, which can’t be a good thing. Luckily my mother raised me to be mildly anxious all the time, so I’ve managed to establish a few key things I always do so I stay out of trouble, mostly. I’ve talked before about how I cope with fear on the road

I thought I’d go ahead and share with you guys some of the travel fears I’ve faced over the years (and continue to face, to be honest) and how I cope with them in the hopes that it might inspire you go explore the world too and be less afraid. Enjoy!

travel fears

travel fears

1. Losing something important

I’m really mostly afraid of losing something important like my computer or passport or one million cameras. I’ve never had a really serious theft or pickpocket moment in all my travels, so I am less worried about that or even about being mugged, but more about forgetting something, damaging or having something swiped when I’m on the road.

One time I had my GoPro nicked out of my bag on a train in Europe and then of course there is the famous Camel Incident of 2013. Goodbye brand new DSLR. Luckily right before that trip I invested in travel property insurance with Clements, which paid for itself with the cost of the repair. One of the smartest things I’ve ever done, and have kept my gear and valuables insured with Clements ever since.

I keep copies of my passport online and in paper and have multiple bank cards in case one gets swiped or stops working. There are a few little preventative measures you can take that can really protect if something goes wrong.

travel fears

2. Physical challenges

This is probably my biggest fear – I’ve never really considered myself a super physical person or an athlete but I love adventure travel that often involves getting my hands dirty. So it’s unavoidable.

I used to be a lot more adventurous than I am not, in terms of jumping off cliffs and doing generally crazy things. I was always the first person to go for it, and now I find myself crippled with anxiety that I can’t even place.

My approach to dealing with these fears is pretty straightforward. I tackle them head on.

For example after almost breaking my back in Jordan, I decided to go on a horseback riding trip in Mongolia to conquer my fears of riding animals. Best decision I’ve ever made.

travel fears

3. Feeling lonely

I’m known for doing a lot of solo female travel around the world, a fact that many people can’t really wrap their heads around. To them it seems that a woman traveling alone is an inherent risk, but to me it isn’t. I find solo travel super rewarding and I love it.

I don’t really have any fears around it anymore because I’ve traveled so much alone and nothing has ever happened.

My only fear around solo travel now is more personal – feeling lonely. I combat this by making sure that when I start to feel alone, I meet up with other travelers, readers or join in on group tours or pub crawls. You can travel solo and never really even be alone if you want. It’s great.

travel fears

4.  Feeling unsafe

To be totally honest, this is not a fear that I generally have when traveling because I tend to blatantly ignore it when people tell me a place isn’t safe. Pure stubbornness is one of my greatest character strengths.

And so many of the warnings we receive in the news or online can be completely biased. I tend to only listen to firsthand experiences and avoid war-torn countries.

For example I went to Turkey back in 2013 right after an American woman was murdered and everyone cautioned me against it. Turns out, Turkey became one of my favorite countries and I felt completely safe traveling there as a woman and I’m going back again in a few months.

My advice is to take what people say with a grain of salt, especially if they haven’t even been to the place they are cautioning you about.

travel fears

5. Getting sick

Without a doubt, getting sick on the road is one of the most annoying things you have to go through as a traveler, and trust me, it happens.

As it turns out, I’m currently recovering from a suspected case of Dengue Fever from my last trip overseas. Kill me now.

In general, I try to be careful when traveling about what I eat and getting bit by mosquitos but at the end of the day, most of the time the chances of something happening are slim to none.

What are some fears you face when traveling and what’s your best advice for overcoming them? What are your tips for #fearlesstravel? Share in the comments. 

travel fears

travel fears

Many thanks to Clements for protecting me over the years – like always, I’m keeping it real. All opinions are my own, like you could expect less from me. 

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  1. I think one of my fears with solo travel or prolonged travel is missing things back home – whether that be significant others, friends, family or big events like holidays and weddings. Any advice for this one?

  2. I loved reading this! I’m traveling for the first time now and by myself and having met lots of solo lady travelers back in NZ I’ve been surprised that most people’s reactions have been ‘Wow you’re brave’. But I don’t think it’s bravery that’s needed, just confidence in yourself that you can find your way and literally make your own dreams happen.
    The only thing that’s really scared me so far was a result of bad time management misunderstanding my bus tour route, and my cellphone not working, resulting in me missing my shuttle to the airport. After a stressful couple of hours I did make my flight on time, but it was the most awful feeling thinking I could get stranded somewhere or have to fork out a lot more money! I haven’t had to catch any more flights since then, but have been doing day trips to a lot of small towns so with buses I make sure I never rely on the last service of the day, but the 2nd last so there’s a back-up if I miss it.

  3. I enjoy traveling alone because then it is my trip, it is all about me and I don’t have to compromise or can change my mind about anything any time. I do have one person I can travel with that is as independent as me and so we travel well together but if money wasn’t the issue to travel the way I like to travel (and no, not fancy hoity toity lol, just with my own bathroom kinda travel haha) I would prefer it on my own. People thought I was crazy, being a tall blond to travel alone to Peru and hike the trail, though I was crazy to go to Egypt just after the revolution (BEST.TIME.EVER. as there were 90% less tourists then normal!) So as a fellow blonde single traveler, I hear everything you just said lol. The passport thing for me is the big fear but has subsided to where I don’t have to carry it with me every time I leave the hotel….copy on line, know where the embassy is…you are good. I think one of my favorite things about traveling alone or with someone is the people you meet. When in Greece one time, my friend stayed back and I went out did my adventure, met this Asian girl that barely spoke english, we hiked and swam and grabbed a Gyro, said bye! Never did get her name lol.

  4. My number one fear is that I’m forgetting something. I don’t know why, but I have to constantly check that I have my travel documents, phone, or anything that I might need for the destination.

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