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Growing up in Virginia meant I had been in my fair share of A-frame homes and cute log cabins in the woods. Though I probably didn’t realize how great they were at the time. While I look back on it now with joyful nostalgia, at the time, I’m pretty sure I thought they were musty and cold, with way too many spiders. 

There definitely aren’t as many in my neck of the woods these days down under. But when I do stumble across them, I get pretty excited. 

The sun was beginning to set on a warm spring day as I touched down in Esperance after traveling over from New Zealand. And when I drove my little turquoise hire car up to my A-frame at the Esperance Chalet Village, my heart skipped a beat. It was so cute! It felt like stepping into a fairytale. 

Beautiful white A-frames surrounded by nature, with festoon lighting draped around it. The red earth and surrounding botanicals smelled divine, reminding you that you were definitely in Australia.  

Esperance Chalet Village

Esperance Chalet Village

The Esperance Chalet Village is a unique coastal site just five minutes from town – and there are bikes guests can use too. Snuggling up in the soft white linens beneath the pointed roof with a book and a glass of wine was the perfect way to wrap up a big day of travel. And get this: the chalets, shacks, and cabins are adults only, though the cottage is great for families. 

Getting to stay here for a week while I explored Esperance was the ideal base before heading off to Woody Island. Just a little bit out of town but nestled against the beautiful Bandy Creek made for a charming setting. All off on its own, it really does feel like its own little village. 

There are communal facilities on site that are very flash and stylish. My chalet had a kitchen, but the separate kitchen facilities included an Italian gas cooker, a large fridge, filtered water, complimentary tea, freshly ground local coffee, and a coffee machine. There’s even an outdoor BBQ and open fire.

Esperance Chalet Village

Esperance Chalet Village

In the heart of Australia’s Golden Outback, the Esperance Chalet Village sits on a nice chunk of land among lush native gardens. Here serenity, simplicity, and natural beauty are in abundance. 

I could immediately tell that there had been a lot of thought and care put into the development and branding of the Esperance Chalet Village. It was catered to people just like me. Fresh and modern, bright and light, and a bit bohemian mixed with minimalism, we see a lot online; it had a vibe that I immediately connected with. 

I’m tired of dated accommodation. Often in busy tourist areas, you can tell places have enough bookings that they think they don’t have to bother crafting a beautiful brand and story. I dislike that; it feels like lazy marketing. When I see places like the ECV, I get excited. I’m happy to share and write about them because it’s been created in such a lovely way. 

Esperance Chalet Village

Esperance Chalet Village

The more I travel, and the older I get, I prefer to base myself in one place and explore. 

The Esperance Chalet Village was the perfect place to set myself up for a week of exploring around Esperance. From visiting the iconic pink lakes to heading out to Lucky Bay to going on botany adventures, it was such a cozy and wholesome space to retreat to at the end of the day. 

Thanks to jetlag from New Zealand, I was a morning person for a week here, waking up with the birds before sunrise. Making myself a coffee, checking my emails in bed, and slowly waking up was the perfect start to the day. If only I could keep it up once I’m back home. Sigh. One day. 

Esperance Chalet Village

Esperance Chalet Village

Esperance Chalet Village

The Esperance Chalet Village had everything you needed and more. There’s black bream fishing in the nearby creek, along with kayaks and cruiser bikes you can borrow. The only sound is birdsong. There’s no reception to check in once you arrive. You just head to your cabin or chalet with instructions sent by email – as an introvert, I loved this! 

There’s even San Pellegrino sparkling water in all rooms too. They often house wellness retreats and weddings, and it’s a place for gathering or for hiding away. 

I loved my time here and can’t wait to go back.

Would you love to stay at the Esperance Chalet Village? Is this the kind of place you want to base yourself when traveling? Spill. 

Esperance Chalet Village

Esperance Chalet Village

Many thanks to Australia’s Golden Outback for hosting me in Esperance. Like always, I’m keeping it real – like you could expect less from me.

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