Salmorejo recipe

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salmorejo recipe

My first attempt at salmorejo! I think it came out pretty good!

So I just made salmorejo for the first time, and it ultimately was a success! Salmorejo is a very traditional dish from Córdoba in Andalucía in southern Spain where I live. It is a cold cream-like soup made from tomatoes, bread, olive oil, garlic and vinegar. Very easy and simple to make, yet somehow I managed to cover myself and my kitchen in tomato. Only me. Anyways, salmorejo is served cold in normally a shallow bowl with diced Spanish serrano ham and diced hard-boiled eggs. It is more of a dip for bread than a soup but you can eat it either way. You can also play with the recipe a lot, like adding in peppers or other veggies, more or less bread, or even mix in the cooked egg yolk while blending. It is nice and refreshing when it is ridiculously hot outside, which is ALL the time in Córdoba. I figured since spring has finally arrived here, which means summer is right around the corner, I better get practicing on some cool, light meals!


8 ripe red tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon of vinegar
4 tablespoons of virgin olive oil, best if from Spain 🙂
salt to taste
1 diced hard boiled egg and some chopped up jamón serrano to put on top
(if you’re making this in the States, just use some chopped up bacon)
1 slightly stale baguette and one fresh baguette

Skin the tomatoes and remove their cores. I’m lazy and don’t bother with this because skinning a tomato is a giant pain in the ass. Using a blender, liquefy the tomatoes and garlic and add the vinegar and seasoning. I don’t have a blender here in Spain and had to use one of those smoothie-making things like an electric whisk, which is why I made a big mess. Also, be careful with the garlic. I am mildly obsessed with it, so I add about three big cloves, but most people I know use either 1 or 1/2 clove. Up to you. You can always blend in more to taste. Rip up the baguette into small chunks and then add a little water to make them tender. Now add half of the bread and blend until smooth. Continue adding bread and a little olive oil and blending until the cream has a smooth, creamy consistency. It should look orangy-pink and be thicker than soup. Chill the salmorejo and then serve in a bowl, garnished with ham/bacon and egg and eat it with the fresh bread or with breadsticks. Yum yum!! Perfect snack on a hot summer day.

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