Pincho of the Week: Blanco y Negro

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This has been a very exciting week for me. I traveled up to Bilbao on Thursday to visit friends and finally meet fellow northern Spain blogger, Liz en España. We had an awesome night that ended with karaoke jam session that included rousing renditions of Bon Jovi and Katy Perry. When I got back home on Friday to Logroño, all the Christmas lights around the city had finally been turned on! So exciting! Tomorrow I leave for Madrid and then early Monday morning I am off to Milan and northern Italy for the week. I can’t wait to share all of my adventures with you guys soon!

Now for my Pincho of the Week! When I got home last night from rainy Bilbao, all I wanted was a hot shower and some of my favorite pinchos on laurel to warm me up. My friend N and I decided to head out and grab a few for dinner. One of my new favorite pinchos can be found at a bar on Calle Laurel called Blanco y Negro, a bar which has been around for over a century. It is literally a whole in the wall and on Friday and Saturday nights, it’s literally bursting with people. The same dark-haired girl is always working whenever I go. I only mention her because I swear she is on crack every time she works. She runs around making drinks and filling orders like nobody’s business, yelling out in rapid-fire Spanish, bouncing around in her bright pink crocs. It’s actually mesmerizing to watch her, and also, she is fairly intimidating to order from, so much sure your Spanish is up to par or she’ll move on to the next customer before you can even stutter out what you want.

My favorite pincho here is another odd but delicious combination. It is warm goat cheese, Spanish cured ham or bacon, topped with raspberry sauce served on a long slice of baguettte, like bruschetta. In Spanish it’s called queso de cabra, jamón y frambuesa. It is so good and costs less than two euros, which makes buying more than one extremely tempting. Perfect with a glass of Rioja red. Eat up!




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