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I started this blog 2 years ago, though I wish I had started it 6 years ago, when I started traveling extensively in college. I have a whole hardrive of photos from international trips I’ve made that I want to share with you guys here. So I have decided to start a new project called Photo Friday, where I will post one photo a week of a shot with a story from I trip I made before I started my blog.

To kick it off, I’ve decided to post a picture from one of my favorite places I have ever traveled to: Bacharach, Germany. Haven’t heard of it? Don’t worry, no one has. It is a tiny village in southwestern Germany situated on the Rhein River (less than 2000 inhabitants). I traveled through this part of Germany while backpacking for two months in the winter of 2007-2008 because of it’s fairy tale, picturesque reputation. I decided to stop here because Lonely Planet mentioned that Bacharach has a medieval castle turned into a youth hostel. How could I not go here?

After making the reservation (20 euros a night, my own room and bathroom and breakfast and dinner-what a deal!) at Burg Stahleck, I made my way there the week before Christmas. I arrived at night, hopping off the train alone onto a grass platform. Bacharach is so small, there are virtually no stores or anyone around to ask for directions. I look up and see the castle illuminated with Christmas lights on top of a mountain. How was I supposed to get there? I ended up hiking up a dirt trail by moonlight for an hour in my Birkenstock clogs, with no idea what to expect or any directions whatsoever. I am always looking for adventure, and it looks like I found one. Huffing and puffing in the frigid air, I promptly passed out after I arrived and checked in. However, when I woke up the next morning, this was the view that greeted me. Talk about incredible! I spent several days traveling around this part of Germany, and I completely fell in love with it after my initial travel catastrophe. I can’t wait to go back in warmer weather.

Have you ever been to this part of Germany? Have you ever gotten to stay in a historical hotel or hostel, or even a castle?

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  1. You should write about how you got started with your college travelling. I, too, want to travel a lot during my college years. =]

  2. Such a stunning picture! The lighting is amazing too. Well done 🙂

    I’ve never had the chance to get to that part of Germany, only Berlin. Definitely would love to though!

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