Photo Friday: Venice, Italy

In January of 2008, I was backpacking my way around Europe for 2 months. Italy was at the top of my list to visit, especially Venice. I stayed for several days in this beautiful city, soaking it all in, hopping around all the sights. I really loved Venice, though in some ways it made me sad. Nowadays it’s only a shadow of its former glory, literally sinking and decaying back into the water. It made me wish I could go back and see it 300 years ago when it was a great empire. There are so few people living in Venice now, it’s a city taken over by tourists, but I managed to catch this early morning shot of a back canal of Venetians getting ready to start the day.

Have you ever been to Venice? What was your impression of this famous city?

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  1. Venice is one of those places you have to see in your lifetime, the sooner the better. Its full of tourists and expensive as f*** but its so incredible, no place like it in the world. i hope you have an awesome time there!

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