Photo Friday: Bath, England

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In the summer of 2009, I was living the dream, getting to live in Europe while researching for my senior thesis. On my way over from the States, I decided to stop off in the UK and visit some of the places I had been hoping to get to. The first stop was Bath. Growing up reading Jane Austen, I had a very high expectations for this city, and I was not disappointed. I loved that I could see the city through the ages, from Roman ruins, to medieval churches to early modern buildings, and of course trying to imagine what it must have been like to be here in Jane Austen’s time.

I was lucky and for my week in England, it didn’t rain once, only clear blue skies and perfect weather. I took this Photo Friday of Bath Abbey as the sun was setting of this historic city eating an ice cream. The bright blue sky at dusk combined with the illuminated sandstone church made for a beautiful contrast. It was one of those perfect summer evenings that I won’t soon forget.

Have you ever traveled around the UK? What are you favorite spots?

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  1. From what I remember, I’ve been to London, Oxford, Stonehenge, and some other little towns I’m forgetting at the moment lol. I really loved Oxford’s “university-town” atmosphere. I was there for a short period over the summer of 2010 researching stone circles (Stonehenge included).

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