Pincho of the Week: Zapatillas

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One of my favorite go-to pinchos in Logroño has to be las zapatillas (literally “slippers” in Spanish).

Whenever I want a good old-fashioned, traditional, no way to mess it up pincho, I head on over to Laurel to Bar la Mengula for a zapatilla, consisting in a long slice of bread spread with fresh tomato and slices of Spanish cured ham. Yum yum. The tomato is first peeled and then shred on a cheese grater, making an odd sort of tomato marmalade. It is a very typical topping on toast in Spain along with olive oil, salt and ham, and it happens to be one of my favorite snacks or breakfasts here. Zapatillas are a good pincho to finish the night off in Logroño, and I will definitely be enjoying one this week as soon as my stomach recovers from all the food and bacteria in Egypt. Wish me a speedy recovery!

Does this pincho sound good to you? What is the strangest toast topping you have encountered abroad?

pincho zapatillas

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  1. Mmmm, sounds good! I have had similar tostas for breakfast in Cordoba and thought they were awesome.

    The strangest tosta topping I ever had was a special creation dreamed up for a ruta de tapas in Madrid. This gross toast wasn’t actually toasted, which made it all mushy when toppped with a strange variety of capers, boquerones, pesto, and cheese.

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