Pincho of the Week: Quail Eggs

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The theme of this week’s Pincho of the Week is quail eggs, yum yum. I am going to be perfectly honest here, I don’t think I have ever eaten quail eggs before coming to Logroño. Quails, yes, but their eggs, nope. Bar Samaray on the San Juan pincho street in Logroño loves them so much they put them on all their pinchos! I discovered this hole in the wall bar a few weeks ago, and I have already been back twice! Let’s be honest, throwing an egg on a pincho just adds a little something to it, and what better than a miniature egg on a bite-sized meal? Europeans love to throw fried eggs on random dishes, like pizza, burgers, and pasta, so why not on a pincho? Bar Samaray has a lot of egg-pinchos to chose from but my two favorites have to the boletus mushroom and caramelized onions (huevo de codorniz, boletus y cebolla confitada) and the other is with chorizo sausage (huevo de codorniz y chorizo). The only thing that would have made them better if there was fancy cheese on top. But then again, I have to remember that not everyone is obsessed with cheese as I am.

How do you feel about eggs added on to a meal? What about quail eggs? Have you ever tried them before?




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  1. You have talked me into it. Quail eggs now on the list. Will be your area around the 13th of April? Meet you for quail eggs and a glass of red together?

    1. Oh man! I wish, but I will be deep in the heart of Egypt then! I am going to try to come to Barca in May or June though, red wine date then?

  2. I had them (quail eggs) for the first time last year during the “De Tapas por Zamora” week. I was kind of weirded out, but I ended up enjoying that particular tapa, so I suppose I’m okay with them?

    I think the “huevo de codorniz, boletus y cebolla confitada” sounds the best. I’m partial to boletus and cebolla confitada, though.

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