10 thoughts I’ve had as a traveling homebody

Sometimes you just want to sit at home and not put on any pants

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So, confession guys. Sometimes I feel like I have a split personality.

Like, I love to travel more than anything in the world. But I also love being in the comfort of my own home more than anything in the world. How does that work?

Often when I am home (like right now) I spend hours daydreaming of places I want to be. My house is covered in maps. But when I’m traveling, all I dream about is when I get to sleep in my own bed. Obviously the travel side always wins out, but I find as the years go by, my priorities shift and I grow and change; I’ve learned to really value my home time.

traveling homebody

The view from my house in Wanaka – don’t you hate me?

I’m not sure how much time I spend away from home per year but I reckon its around three to six months. It’s exhausting when you identify yourself as an introvert and the ultimate creature of comfort.

I don’t really want this post to read like a whinge or bitch session about how hard my life is sometimes, screw that. Oh woe is me, my life as a travel blogger is so hard, pity pity. We ALL hate those blog posts.

I wake up grateful every single day that I am able to continue following my dreams and building a business where I’m the boss and I can keep traveling.

But but but but but but, just because I travel a lot, doesn’t mean I don’t miss the comforts of home. Perhaps you can relate.

Here are ten thoughts I’ve had (and maybe you too) as the ultimate traveling homebody.

traveling homebody

1. I miss my bed

If there is one thought I’ve had over and over and over again times a million is I miss my bed.

I don’t have a particularly awesome bed or anything (note to self, look into updating bed), but it’s mine, it smells like me (not sure if that’s good or bad) and more importantly, it’s familiar.

As a traveling homebody, I crave familiarity, and while I can fake that to some extent on the road, I can’t fake my bed. I literally live in hotel rooms, probably for half the year, and I have such a love-hate relationship with it, mostly because I am an insomniac. I have a lot of trouble sleeping under normal circumstances when I’m at home, so on the road, it’s pretty much impossible.

My bed, I just want my bed.

traveling homebody

This not my bed, but it’s a good substitute. 

2. Nesting is everything

Once I hit my late twenties, I became all about the nesting.

Suddenly I paid attention to cutlery and linens in a way that never interested me in the past. It became very important to me to have my own house; no more sharing. At the end of last year I moved to the most amazing house in Wanaka where I have my own apartment, and I love it more than anything.

And I started to fill it with shit. I finally framed all the travel prints I collected of the years, you know, like an adult. I invested in nicer things and furniture, instead of free sofas and cheap things from charity shops. And when I traveled, I intentionally bought things for my house.

Somewhere along the line, it my chaotic crazy life that takes me around the world, it became VERY important to me to have my own space at home that’s mine (mine mine mine) that wouldn’t change. It’s my one area of stability, really.

traveling homebody

3. No pants all day every day

As a general rule, I never wear real clothes when I’m in my house. Pajamas, yoga pants and elaborate onesies all the way, if I’m even wearing pants at all.

I like to be cozy in every aspect of the word.

traveling homebody

4. Can I just date normally please?

OMG I definitely can (and should) write a whole big whopper of a blog post about this, but shit it’s hard to date when you’re away all the time. AND you’re a woman.

Yes, I went there.

Not that I mind being single and traveling solo.

I’m going to make a big old blanket statement I’m sure many of you are itching to call me out on, but fuck it. I don’t care. I don’t think, as a general rule, men like to seriously date girls who travel all the time. Unless they are traveling together obviously.

And yes, I don’t think it works the other way around. So unfair.

traveling homebody

5. I just want to join a damn yoga class

When you travel for work, routine is fucking hard, if not impossible.

I have tried and tried and tried over the years to join fitness classes and I get so into them, and I love them, and then I have to put them on hold when I travel. Then I come back and have to start over from scratch.


traveling homebody

6. I don’t want to do anything today

You know what? I love being a hermit when I finish traveling.

When I get back from a trip, I literally do not leave my house for 3-6 days, give or take, depending on how long I’ve been away for combined with return travel flight time and if I was in business class or not.

I hermit like nobody’s business and I FREAKING love it. No words, no people, no bullshit, no talking. Just leave me alone. Thanks.

Sometimes if I get too strung out on a trip, I’ll build in a hermit day or two when I’m traveling. I’ll even pay double for room service so I don’t have to put on pants.

traveling homebody

7. Can I have a puppy?

I am such an animal person and I grew up with dogs and cats for my whole life and I feel empty without them. Luckily the houses I’ve lived in in Wanaka have had default cats, either half-feral ones that lived in the garden I could coax into afternoon pats or ones that live with my flatmates or next door I could cuddle when needed.

I guess that’ll have to do until the day comes I stop traveling too much or find a stay at home husband. Any takers?

traveling homebody

8. Sure, I could move here

As a traveling homebody, it means that when I’m on the road, I’m always on the lookout for a place I could potentially live.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy living in New Zealand (applying for my residency now!) but I always find myself thinking, “oh man, I could totally live here,” when I’m traveling too. Usually I use that as a mark to indicate how much I like wherever I am.

And yes, that list of places I could live is enormous. I’m easy to please.

traveling homebody

9. I’ve become a slow traveler

I think another thought I’ve definitely had as a traveling homebody is that I’ve really slowed down on my trips.

A decade ago I would jam-pack my days with things to do, experiences, and activities. I would sacrifice sleep. I had to see it all. I had to eat it all. I wanted it all.

Now that I realized that not every trip is my last, I have really slowed down on the road and tried to savor the places I’ve visited. I’d rather spend longer in one place and get to know it better than to jump around and cram too much in. I often even go back again and again to places I love.

That whole familiarity thing I reckon.

traveling homebody

10. I stay in Airbnb’s a lot more

With a desperate bid to feel like I am at home, I often chose to stay in other people’s home. I stay a lot more in Airbnb’s or apartments when I’m traveling these days, especially when I’m in a place for a while.

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So what do I do?

What’s the verdict? I guess I should just stop traveling and stay at home right?


See what I mean? I’m impossible.

Do you identify as a traveling homebody? Have any tips or cures? What are some thoughts you’ve had on the road? Spill!

traveling homebody

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  1. Liz, I can’t tell you how much I agree! Having travelled all over the world through my 20s, trying to experience as much as possible in often just a short time, I do enjoy the comfort of my home now at 30 – of course always planning the next adventure which is never far away (going to sail half around the world this year with the Clipper fleet).

    The “can i have a puppy” is so me as well. Having grown up with dogs, I tell myself “I’m getting a dog next year” every year and then the next adventure pops up and I have to postpone my puppy plans.

    Thanks for the great article, it really hit the spot!

  2. Gurl. Why are we the same human? Once I get my travel blog to the point of sustainability I’m going to buy a house in Utah near my family instead of offering my first born for rent in California. I already have a cat but I’m definitely going to get a dog once I have a house. My plan is to find someone I trust who will be my go to house/cat/dogsitter whenever I travel. But I also plan on roadtripping with my dog and cat as well. I definitely think there are ways to have pets and still travel.

    I agree with feeling that need to get away but also that desire to be home when you are away. Also NO PANTS FOREVER!

  3. Yasss and yasss! I was recently thinking about how to describe myself and you nailed it! It’s refreshing to hear that you can be an introvert and enjoy solo traveling. I love people energy but I don’t necessarily need constant conversation to feel at home. Whooopie for writing this!!!

  4. I identify with you, in fact, as I was reading it, I asked myself (how did she get in my head?). I live to travel and my list grows longer every day. As you travel so much, I think it is wise to not have an animal. I travel once a month for work and have cats; they miss me when I am gone for three days or overnight, just as if I had been gone on a vacation trip.

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