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  • Cruising the Whitsundays

    I’m a very visual person. Even photo-obsessed. Let’s just say I eat images for breakfast. This means if I see ...

Smooth Talking in Amman, Jordan

It was a hazy hot day when we were introduced to Jordan’s capital, Amman. It’s a bustling, lively city where tradition meets modernity. Clad in a long flowing dress and light cardigan, I spent the morning exploring the Citadel and the most ancient part of the city. Nothing puts me in a great mood quite [...]

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10 Things Kiwis Do Better

Sometimes I realize when I am talking about New Zealand, I sound EXACTLY like a teenager girl in love. Well, let’s be honest here, I pretty much am. Swoon! Never growing up and enthusiastic for everything, I will forever be young and in love with something, and right now it’s New Zealand. Yes, I say [...]

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An Introduction to Abel Tasman

No matter where I go in New Zealand, I am constantly amazed at how universally beautiful the country is. No no, snow-capped rugged mountains, turquoise lakes and conical volcanoes aren’t enough, there also has to be crystal clear sea that collides with white sandy beaches too. New Zealand really does have it all. At this [...]

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Cruising the Whitsundays

I’m a very visual person. Even photo-obsessed. Let’s just say I eat images for breakfast. This means if I see a photo, video, or even read a book about a place, I tend to file it away in my head for future trip planning. Frequently I end up visiting places that once inspired me by [...]

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5 Reasons to Embrace Change

Would you believe me if I told you that I am one of the biggest scaredy cats out there? The other day I got an email in my inbox informing me I was nominated for some blogger award. Scrolling through the different categories, I began looking for my name – Best Female? Nope (oh come [...]

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Postcards from Epic Southern Iceland

My introduction to Iceland can only be described as epic. In fact, all of Iceland can be described as epic. It’s pretty much as epic as epic can get. Otherworldly is the norm in southern Iceland. Jagged moss-covered mountains. Black sand for as far as you can see. Crackling icy glaciers. Toxic neon blue volcanic [...]

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How New Zealand Is Turning Me into a #BirdNerd

I have many interests in life; don’t we all? Obviously, travel is pretty much at the top of the list, but I also enjoy books that smell old, jumping into any and every body of water, bloggy stuff, and not to mention baking outrageous deserts and then eating them til I feel sick. I also [...]

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24 hours in Rome – How much can I eat?

The way to a (wo)man’s heart is through her stomach, am I right? And what better place to go look for it than in Italy! A few months ago, I was invited to speak about blog things at TBDI in Rimini, and I decided to take the chance to explore a little bit of Rome, [...]

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Fire and Ice on Franz Josef Glacier

I have no shame in admitting I’m an opportunist. When I see the possibility or chance of doing something epic, something awesome, something once-in-a-lifetime-that-might-not-be-there-if-you-wait, I take it. Well, better put I grab onto that chance with both hands and never let go, Jack Dawson-style. Life is short, take chances. But I digress. Now if there [...]

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Queensland in Color

Fresh off the boat from 3 weeks over in Queensland, Australia, and my mind is still reeling. Where to begin? From the soft hustle and bustle of Brisbane and the Gold Coast to the heady silence of the Daintree Rainforest, from neverending sprawl of the Great Barrier Reef to the sheer remoteness of Cooktown in [...]

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Soaring High over Queenstown

If there is one place in New Zealand that gets loads and loads of attention, it’s Queenstown. And for a good reason. Queenstown is pretty much the queen of New Zealand. Proudly lording over all other towns and cities, nothing quite holds a candle to this majestic city in the mountains on the South Island. Surrounded [...]

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Trover: My Latest Travel Addiction

Sometimes I think I am the worst travel blogger out there. I’ve never considered myself to be very tech-savvy or up to date on the latest travel crazes. Hell, I still even check in at the counter in airports and plan from guidebooks, you know, physical books that smell like paper and possible adventures, not [...]

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