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A Few of My Favorite Spots around Hip Reykjavik

When I imagined Iceland, my mind was filled with glorious images of thundering waterfalls, green mountains, and blue glaciers. In short, nature. Not cities. Nothing urban. To be perfectly honest, when I started planning my adventures around Iceland a year ago, I had zero interest in spending time in Reykjavik, the capital. I was so wrapped up in [...]

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Dreaming of Tuscany

Why is it that all Americans are obsessed with Tuscany? Me included. Perhaps for most of the western world, Tuscany has come to embody our dream Italian vacation, right? “Where you are is who you are. The further inside you the place moves, the more your identity is intertwined with it. Never casual, the choice [...]

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Taking A Road Trip On The Costa Del Sol

Located in the south of Spain, the Costa del Sol is a beautiful part of the country that has long been at the heart of the tourist industry in the country, but it is one that is often underestimated because it is an established destination. There is so much to see in the region that [...]

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