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ONA Bag Giveaway + Reader Survey

Hello hello hello! Sorry things have been a bit quiet on the blogger front, I’ve been traveling a bit in Asia for the past two weeks which meant, dun dun dun, universally terrible internet and no time for anything on my laptop. If you follow me on Instagram, you can keep up with my adventures […]

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How Mongolia Changed My Life

When I set off to Mongolia in August, I both had a lot of expectations and none at the same time. How on earth did I manage that? Beautiful people, wide, empty landscapes, adorable horses, oh and yaks. But above all, I was expecting to be challenged. Pretty much everyone I knew who had been […]

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Tasting the Brightside in Queensland, Australia

The more and more I get to explore this crazy world, the more often my travel style changes and evolves. When I first started backpacking 7 years ago, I was a bug-eyed teenager keen to see as much as possible and cram in as much as I could on any trip. The world was my […]

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How to be an adventuress

I can still remember the moment I chose the name for this blog like it was yesterday. It was my last semester of college, and it was supposed to be springtime but the weather clearly hadn’t gotten the message. I was sitting at my favorite desk in my favorite room of the Mt. Holyoke College library […]

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My First Real Vacation in Bali

One of the hardest things to explain to people as a full-time travel blogger is that my life is not a 100 percent perfect perpetual vacation. While I’m getting to follow my dreams and turn my passion into a profession – invited to explore the most amazing places, and even get paid to travel – I […]

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10 Reasons Why New Zealand in Winter Rocks

When I moved to New Zealand, I really thought I would be struggling with the reversed seasons. Winter in July? And a hot Christmas? Too weird for words, right? As it turns out, I am happy to report (like most people can probably already predict) that it actually doesn’t matter! I quickly adapted to living in […]

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JUCY Campervan Giveaway!

It’s been waaaaaaay too long since I’ve had a giveaway on my blog. Forgive me! But there is always something to celebrate, and I feel like I don’t get the chance to say thank you to all you guys enough, something I’m trying to work on. It’s not often that I check my blog stats. […]

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Bali in Green

Is it just me or do we live in a bright, vibrant, colorful world? I’ve written before about how in tune I am to the color of certain places I visit, and Bali was no exception. Oftentimes when I return home from a trip, I remember places by the colors they exude. Now that I […]

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The Lucky Rant

Sometimes we all need a good, solid rant once in a while, right? Get things off of our shoulders, you know? Depending on our families and circumstances in life, we are often encouraged to bottle things in and not share our true feelings or frustrations with the world. Personally, I swing back and forth on […]

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Meet My Kazakh Family

“Aht” I yelled out loud enthusiastically, “aht, aht!” pointing at my horse, on my first day horse trekking in Mongolia. “Jack sur, jack sur!” replied Khadaran, the Khazakh wrangler riding next to me, tasked with the job of making sure I stayed on the horse, “good, good!” Looking around, his gaze eventually settled on the low mountains we were […]

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Mueller Hut – New Zealand’s Sexiest Hike

New Zealand really is the most outrageous country I’ve ever visited. Seriously, I don’t understand how one tiny nation with only 4 million people can be so pretty! It just isn’t fair! I am constantly amazed and astonished everywhere I look here, and I feel so privileged to have been able to call New Zealand […]

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