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Bali in Green

Is it just me or do we live in a bright, vibrant, colorful world? I’ve written before about how in tune I am to the color of certain places I visit, and Bali was no exception. Oftentimes when I return home from a trip, I remember places by the colors they exude. Now that I […]

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The Lucky Rant

Sometimes we all need a good, solid rant once in a while, right? Get things off of our shoulders, you know? Depending on our families and circumstances in life, we are often encouraged to bottle things in and not share our true feelings or frustrations with the world. Personally, I swing back and forth on […]

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Meet My Kazakh Family

“Aht” I yelled out loud enthusiastically, “aht, aht!” pointing at my horse, on my first day horse trekking in Mongolia. “Jack sur, jack sur!” replied Khadaran, the Khazakh wrangler riding next to me, tasked with the job of making sure I stayed on the horse, “good, good!” Looking around, his gaze eventually settled on the low mountains we were […]

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Mueller Hut – New Zealand’s Sexiest Hike

New Zealand really is the most outrageous country I’ve ever visited. Seriously, I don’t understand how one tiny nation with only 4 million people can be so pretty! It just isn’t fair! I am constantly amazed and astonished everywhere I look here, and I feel so privileged to have been able to call New Zealand […]

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10 Things I Learned in Mongolia

It’s been almost weeks since I finished my horse trek in Mongolia and my mind is still reeling. In a good way. I thought with 3 weeks offline learning to ride and having adventures, I’d have more than enough to fill the pages of this blog and then some. But where to start? My experience […]

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Yonderbound and the Evolution of Traveler Accommodation

So I have a question for you guys. A very serious, potentially life-changing travel question. Ready? How do you all deal with booking hotels/hostels/tents/homestays/floorspace and/or couches when traveling? I’m being totally serious. I’ve been doing this whole independent travel thing for almost 8 years, and I still haven’t found the best answer. When I first […]

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How not to have a boring travel blog

Lately I’ve become very disillusioned with the internet. Oh hell, let’s be honest here, I’ve been disillusioned with the internet for years. Nothing’s new except for the fact that in the past 6 months I’ve realized I have an out-of-control social media addiction and I’m determined to conquer it. As you might imagine, this is […]

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Chasing Elves in Iceland

Did you know more than 50% of Icelanders believe in elves? As if Iceland wasn’t beautiful, majestic, stunning and mystical enough, it is also a helluva quirky place, which suits me just fine because I LOVE quirky. And let’s be honest here, who doesn’t want to believe in the existence of elves? Nobody that’s who. […]

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Ger Life in Mongolia and Redefining the Home

Of all the things that impressed me about Mongolia, and that’s saying a lot since I was impressed 24/7, it had to be the family life and hospitality and how different the world runs there. 3 hours west as the crow flies from Ulaanbaatar, or as the ancient planes in our case, will bring you to […]

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Introducing Mongolia in Photos

For the first time in my entire life a journey has left me speechless. It’s not often I find myself without words, if you know what I mean. A chatterbox since as far back as I can remember, not being able to express myself had never been an issue, until now. I’ve been back home […]

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The Story of Moeraki

Sometimes a place doesn’t live up to expectations on the road. I know that has happened to me several times on trips. The hype gets too much and then it tanks. But then there’s the flipside, when a place which maybe you weren’t super thrilled about visiting that ends up completely blowing you away or […]

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To Edoras I Go!

Sometimes I literally have to pinch myself when I realize I get to live in Middle Earth here in New Zealand. Actually I pretty much pinch myself every day here, let’s be honest. I am sure you guys are probably sick and tired of listening to me wax poetic about how New Zealand is so […]

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