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Why I love Wellington so much

When I first decided to move to New Zealand, I really REALLY wasn’t anticipating on not only living in Wellington, but loving it. Six months later and I never want to leave. After all, I was coming to New Zealand for mountains, for nature, for Middle Earth, not some city, let alone the capital. In [...]

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Lost iPhones and Haunted Viking Tombs

If there is anyplace in the world that you can easily believe is haunted, it must be Iceland. Frequently described as “otherworldly,” Iceland definitely has a landscape that will leave you saying, “damn, how is this for real?” Well at least for me. Combined with its reverence for lore and story-telling and the profound feeling [...]

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Communing with the Gods in Meteora, Greece

If there was one place in Greece I was dying to visit besides the beautiful islands and beaches, it was Meteora. Greece gets a lot of hype as a summer destination with more little islands and crystal clear water beaches than you can imagine. But I knew there was a lot more to that and [...]

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A move, a journey, and a little surprise (or two)

So the award for most random blog post of all time will likely go to this one. I’ve realized it’s been ages since I’ve actually written an update of what’s been on my mind – the decisions weighing on me, plans in the works, exciting and not-so-exciting things that have been going on. You know, [...]

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The Legend of Milford Sound

The Māori name for Milford Sound is Piopiotahi, meaning one single piopio, which unfortunately is now an extinct bird in New Zealand. That happened a lot here. Many of New Zealand’s great birds went extinct after humans discovered the islands and introduced predators, ruining everything. But back to the story. There once was a great Polynesian [...]

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Me Talk Kiwi One Day

When I first moved to New Zealand, I thought it was going to be so much easier than moving to Spain. As far as I was concerned, NOWHERE ON THE ENTIRE PLANET could have more red tape or be more difficult than Spain. And for the most part, I was right. New Zealand is not [...]

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I Left My Heart in Western Massachusetts

Ok, maybe I should be less dramatic and rephrase: I left *part* of my heart in western Massachusetts. It’s not often I feel inspired to write about America on here. Either because whenever I spend any significant amount of time in my home country it’s usually with the thought of leaving, I’m just never there, [...]

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Getting Adventurous in the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves

If there was one thing I was looking forward to doing in New Zealand this year, it was visiting Waitomo and getting to see the famous glow worm caves. Waitomo has been on my mind for as long as I can remember, ever since I saw this viral photo pop on Pinterst over and over [...]

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Postcards from Southern Italy

I don’t know where you all are in the world right now, but most of my friends and family are coming off the end of the #PolarVortex which pretty much turned most of North America into a popsicle this past week. Is it rude of me to say I went to the beach? Twice. If [...]

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The South Island as seen from my iPhone

It’s been exactly a week since I stepped off the ferry back in Wellington after 14 days exploring the South Island over the holidays, and my mind is still reeling. The verdict is in – New Zealand’s South Island is ACTUALLY the most beautiful place in the entire world. Nope, don’t even try to argue. Major [...]

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The Magic of Northern Iceland

Iceland is one of those places I can’t shut up about. I’m sorry I’m not sorry. In my defense, every single person I’ve met who has been to Iceland or heard of Iceland says the same thing. That kind of collective love is worth something, right? By the time we reached northern Iceland on our [...]

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2014, What’s Next?

Is it already 2014? My god how time flies! Sorry there has been a bit of radio silence over on the lil’ ol’ blog. Christmas came early this year in the form of my Mac hard drive DYING on me the day I left for a 2 week trip around the South Island with Haka Tours. [...]

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