Pincho of the Week-Tío Agus

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As much as I love the champi mushroom pincho here in Logroño, I am going to have to admit that my all-time favorite pincho has to be at the tío agus (Uncle Agus) in the family-owned Bar Lorenzo. It is my go-to pincho, and I am always in the mood for it. On the weekends, you can barely move inside this decades-old bar, but trust me, it is definitely worth the wait.

This renowned pincho consists of 4 spiced and grilled pieces of pork loin served on bread (bocatita=mini sandwich) and smothered in a delicious secret green sauce. After much discussion, my friend C and I decided that it is some kind of pesto vinegar sauce that tastes like heaven. They offer a couple of options for meat to put on the little bocatita, but the most typical and famous is called an agus de moruno. Bar Lorenzo also has a pretty incredible Rioja wine list to go along with it. You will be licking your fingers and ordering more of these pinchos if you ever make it out to Calle Laurel in Logroño. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Did I mention it only costs €1.50? Can’t beat that.

Have you ever been out for pinchos or tapas in Spain? Ever tried a pincho moruno in Logroño? Bust most importantly, can someone PLEASE give me the recipe for the secret green sauce?

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    1. My FAVORITE place to go when I lived there! Ah! I’m dying for some right now! Blasted ocean between us!

  1. I definitely want to! There’s an 85% chance I’ll be visiting your city in November; I’ll have to pick your brain about meat-free scene since I’ll be with una amiga vegetariana 🙂

  2. yeah they are about the size of a hotdog but so much more delicious! I could easily eat 4 or 5 in a sitting if I had no self-control. the sauce is what makes it! you have to come up here and try it sometime with me!

  3. These puppies look massive for a pintxo! Are they hot-dog-sized or more like montaditos?

    I’ve only had pincho moruno once, at my school’s end-of-the-year bash. Sadly, there was no green sauce.

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