Pincho of the Week: Sepia

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Another wonderful pincho in Logroño can be found on Laurel at a bar/restaurant called el mesón del abuelo (literally, Grandpa’s Tavern) and it’s called pincho de sepia and it’s delicious! Sepia is Spanish for cuttlefish which is a type of squid/octopus, wait don’t stop reading-I promise it tastes like heaven! Basically it is chopped-up cuttlefish grilled and smothered in what I think is a garlic, mayonnaise and parsley sauce speared with a toothpick on a slice of baguette. Now I am not always in the mood for this particular pincho, but when I am, it is definitely worth it. It tastes and smells incredible. I went last night which was a Saturday, and it was jam packed on the inside. So if you are ever in Logroño and out for pinchos, and you’re in the mood for some seafood, stop on by the mesón del abuelo for a pincho de sepia!



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