Best of 2011 in Pictures

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2011 was an incredible year! I accomplished so many things, traveled to new places, met new people, tried new things. I don’t think it could have been better! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me for 2012! How was your 2011?

Celebrated 2011 in NYC. pretty awesome!
Then came back to Córdoba, Spain, where I was living and working
Took a trip to Gibraltar
Went to Switzerland for the weekend to visit my best friend C
Traveled to Salamanca to visit where I studied abroad in 2007-2008
Partied like crazy in Salamanca in remembrance of studying abroad
Explored Ávila with my friend and her familyMarch
Went to Jerez de la Frontera to visit my friend J and then to Cádiz for carneval
Went to Zaragoza to visit my friend KApril
Went to London and Brighton for a long weekend to visit my friend J
Then went to Granada
I experienced my first Semana Santa in Spain in Córdoba
Cruces festival in CórdobaMay
Patios festival in Córdoba
Celebrated my birthday and Romería in Espejo, the village where I worked
May was filled with festivals in Córdoba, including a lot of flamenco
White wine tasting festival in Córdoba, cata del vino
Then the feria began in Córdoba
Bullfight during the feria

Moved to Málaga for the month of June
Visiting Nerja, near Málaga

Went to Switzerland for my friend’s wedding on my way back to the USA
Wedding in Switzerland was incredible
July and August
Came back to the USA, pretty boring, studied for the GRE
Took care of my sister for the summer, this was while we were waiting for the final Harry Potter movie
Went up to NYC for the weekend
Took a roadtrip up the east coast to visit friends

Moved back to Spain, but this time to Logroño, in the north

Went on a crazy 38km hike around La Rioja
San Mateo wine harvest festival in Logroño

My friend L visited from Boston and we traveled around the north

We went to Burgos, Olite, and Pamplona among other cities

Had an incredible Halloween


Explored more of La Rioja and fell even more in love with it
Helped host a huge Thanksgiving


Traveled to Italy and Switzerland for a week, stops included Milan, Como, Bellagio, Lugano, and Bergamo
IMG_2959 (1)
Helped get my schools ready for Christmas
Hosted an unforgettable expat Christmas day at my apartment in Logroño

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  1. what a crazy year! sounds like youve got spain down pat…you’ll have to show me around whenever i end up there next 🙂 cheers to a wonderful 2012!

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