Photo Friday: Paris

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As we speak, I am in Paris on holiday. This is my third trip here, and I am really hoping we are going to finally hit it off. Paris and I have not gotten along together in the past. My last trip here was not so awesome. I hopped over for a quick weekend from Spain in 2007 only to find the entire city on a public transportation strike. No buses, no metro, no taxis. Just me and my own two feet which were in so much pain by the end of the trip from having to walk everywhere. My favorite and least favorite part of that weekend was getting to stay in Montmartre in the north of the city. I woke up on Saturday morning to a beautiful sunrise over the city.

Now M and I are back in our hotel room because I had to change my boots since my zipper broke on top of Notre Dame. The zipper broke on my favorite leather boots while on top of a cathedral! Can you believe it? Only to me! Luckily there was a little office up there and the guards let me borrow some tape while they laughed their asses off at me. Come on Paris! Cut me a break!

Have you ever been to Paris? What is your favorite view of the city? Can you recommend to me a cheap place where I can buy some new boots or a place that fixes shoes fast? Help me out!

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  1. This is a beautiful photo!!!! I have caught a few magical sunrises, rainbows and the like right here in Galicia! I caught a few nice views from the Sacre Coeur in Paris too 🙂 I hope to return as you did, mine was a quick weekend trip February 2012.
    I have had a few shoes that I bought here in Spain fall apart. Once a pair of sandals, while walking through Valencia, it just gave through (the heels) and I had to use my Mom to help me balance, and then we bought some flip flops to go the rest of the way, I was slipping all over the place. Another time, I bought these REALLY cute boots, something that I could escape wearing rainboots all the time but still protect my feet (and the bottoms of my pants) …and one day..I’m limping….the shoes are messed up!!! The heels again!!!!!! Ugh…I relaly need to pick out better quality shoes….and balance out how much I go walking!!!

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