Photo Friday: Bovec, Slovenia

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Bovec, Slovenia

The summer of 2009 was one of the best summers of my life because I got to do some traveling to places I had been dying to go to, one of which was Slovenia. Why Slovenia, you ask? Well the answer is both embarrassing and awesome, depending on how you look at it. Let’s go with awesome.

So, I am a fan of Chronicles of Narnia, books and movies, and one day I was watching the making of the second film when they mentioned that it was filmed in a place called Bovec, Slovenia. Seriously this place looked so beautiful, I mentally bookmarked it, and decided one day that I would go here. And no this was not the first time I had done a trip like that. That summer I planned a trip to Croatia, and since flights were so expensive, I decided to fly to Venice and take the train through Slovenia down to Croatia. Perfect chance to go to Bovec. Once in Slovenia we did an organized day hike around the Julian Alps, when I snapped this shot of the mountains reflected perfectly in the still lake, imagining that I was in Narnia.

Have you ever made a trip somewhere based off of a place you saw in a movie? Have you ever been to Slovenia? Do love Narnia as much as me?

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