Photo Friday: Lake Bled, Slovenia

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Lake Bled

What’s the most beautiful place you have ever been to? 

This is a question I get asked a lot as a travel blogger. The answer is not always easy. I have been to many beautiful places around the world, each one distinct and special in its own way.

But there is one place always at the top of my list. It is the background on my computer and my iphone. I have a printed photo of it taped to my desk at work. It’s even on the back of my business cards.

Lake Bled, Slovenia. 

Why is it the most beautiful place? Apart from being jaw-droppingly gorgeous, Lake Bled took me completely by surprise.  I wasn’t even planning on going there, rather just passing by on my way to the Julian Alps before heading down to Croatia a few summers ago. Browsing through my Balkan guidebook, I stumbled on the page about Lake Bled. I had never even seen a picture of it. Thinking it sounded lovely and idyllic, we quickly added it to our itinerary.

Best decision EVER.

Lake Bled is smack out of a fairy tale . The water is so blue it looks like someone dumped a million tons of cerulean blue crayon dye in it, with an island sporting a medieval church conveniently located in the middle. To make the scenery even more spectacular, Lake Bled is surrounded by lush green mountains, and the one next to the old town has a castle perched on top.

Is this for real?

And the best part? Almost no tourists. At least there weren’t any in the summer of 2009. Lake Bled is one of Europe’s best kept secrets, and it ranks very high on one my favorite places in the world. It was easy to chose Slovenia to be this week’s  Photo Friday.

Have you ever been? Would you go to Lake Bled if you had the chance?

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  1. Snap! My favourite place in the world too. I proposed to my wife there in summer 2009 and we just went back there for our 2nd anniversary.

    If I could go every month, I would!

    1. OMG Best story ever! That sounds so lovely! I couldn’t think of a more spectacular place to get engaged 🙂 that makes me so happy! I’d go back every month too if I could!!

  2. How wonderful is to read such a nice comment of my own country! 🙂 And I totally agree with you in all parts you’ve written; there are more tourists in the summer in Bled (or in other tourist areas), but it’s never too crowded (I guess the most corwded it could get is on Sundays when families make day trips).

  3. ah, Bled is amazing! I loved it there too! Have you been to the nearby lake of Bohinj as well? That was so much better for me! and literally noone was around!

    1. Yes I was in Bohinj too, but at dusk! I have to go back, I wish I had more time there! I am completely in love with Slovenia! It’s the most beautiful place!

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