Photo Friday: Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

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The summer of 2009 was one of the best summers of my life. I had one a grant at my university to spend the summer researching at the National Library in Madrid in preparation for my senior thesis. On my way back to the States, I decided to travel to two places I had been dying to get to: Slovenia and Croatia. Luckily, one of my good friends, L, decided to come over and join me. After 6 hours of the worst bus ride of our lives (imagine no AC, no open windows, and about 90° and overcrowded with baby vomit), from Slovenia down into central Croatia, we arrived at our destination: Plitvice Lakes. Plitvice is a huge national park, filled with tons of interconnected lakes, waterfalls, and forests. The color of the water is unbelievable, crystal clear, bright turquoise, and azure blue. Seriously this place is magical, something out of a fairy tale. We spent the whole day weaving our way around the lakes on floating wooden pathways, sitting in the sun, and dipping our toes in the water. Swimming isn’t allowed, which was pure torture on a hot July day. Those two weeks in south eastern Europe have been by far my favorite trip I have ever taken. If you are looking for a trip that is off the beaten track and shockingly beautiful, I suggest Croatia and Slovenia, with a stop off at the Plitvice Lakes. Though, maybe just rent a car.

Have you ever been to this part of Europe? Or even to Plitvice? What did you think?

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  1. Question! I’m planning a Balkans trip for June/July, and I’m definitely hoping to visit Plitvice Lakes (as well as a lot of the other destinations you’ve written about). Did you spend the night near there or elsewhere? Thanks, and thanks for the inspiration!

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