Pincho of the Week: Kangaroo

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kangaroo pincho

I had been hearing for a while about a little bar in Logroño that serves up a kangaroo pincho. Um, what? I didn’t even know you could eat that! I am a strong believer in trying anything once, and coming from a family of chefs, there are few foods that freak me out. I’ve eaten weird things from barnacles to guinea pig, to alpaca to heart. So when we went out for pinchos for lunch on Friday, I was all game to try the infamous kangaroo pincho on calle San JuanLogroño’s second pincho street.

Bar Vinissimo is a tiny, hole in the ground bar with an extensive wine list chalked on the wall with several elaborate pinchos lined up on the bar to chose from. The kangaroo meat is served up on a slice of bread with mushrooms and garnished with avocado cream (canguro con setas guarnición de crema de aguacate), it is definitely different from anything I’ve sampled in Logroño before. According to one of the women who works there, kangaroo meat doesn’t have a very strong flavor, so they heavily spice it to give more of a kick. The texture is kinda soft and chewy, and all in all it was a very nice pincho. I don’t know if it will become my new favorite, but hey, you gotta try it once!

Have you ever tried kangaroo meat or any other strange meat while abroad?

Bar Vinissimo, C/San Juan 23, Logroño

kangaroo pincho
kangaroo pincho

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  1. In Aus it is so delicious – it is super rich and savory, you have to cook it medium rare since it is a very lean meat. I dont want to even know how frozen and processed this must be to make it to spain. Good on you for giving it a try.

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