Photo Friday: Positano, Italy

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While writing yesterday’s post, the 5 Most Beautiful Places I’ve Been…So Far, I had a blast going through hundreds of old photos saved on my external hardrive from trips I did years ago.

I’ve been to Italy many times, but one of my favorite places there has to be Positano. South of Naples on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is one of the cutest and most beautiful beach towns I’ve ever been to. Filled with colorful bright houses built right into the mountainside on narrow switchback streets lined with lemon trees, it couldn’t be more idyllic. There is a little beach with tiny fishing boats and clear blue water surrounding the town, making it look like something straight out of a movie.

Wait, it WAS straight out of a movie. I first heard about Positano when I was watching the behind the scenes features of Under the Tuscan Sun, quite possibly my all-time favorite film. Frances buys a villa in Tuscany on a whim after a divorce, and she travels impulsively down to Positano after meeting a dashing Italian man, Marcello.

Though I didn’t find a Marcello in Positano, I did fall in love with the town itself, even drinking limoncello on the beach like Frances. It holds an idealized place in my heart and I will always remember my time there as pretty-much perfect. I can’t wait to go back one day and get to know it even better!

Have you ever been to Positano? What’s your favorite city in Italy? Do you ever go places that you have seen in movies?

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  1. Positano is idyllic and thank you for sharing for the inspiration to visit it.

    Have you also been to the Amalfi? Amalfi is the town that gives its name to the coast. And as you said that while there are plenty of places to visit in Italy, Amalfi is one of those too. It as Positano has a vertical landscape, characterized by a picturesque labyrinth of stairways and narrow alleys, connecting the two main elements of this landscape: the mountains and the sea.

    And you can also get from one town to the other through the narrow streets and walk to the top of the mountain where you will find another town – Ravello. ;)) We were so glad we stayed to explore almost the whole coast.

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