Pincho of the Week: Entrecot de toro

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Entrecot pincho

I first mentioned one of my new favorite pincho back in March when Logroño was named the 2012 Gastronomic Capital of Spain. They held a Semana del Pincho (Pincho Week) where all the bars in Logroño highlighted the best they had to offer, and it was when I first really started to check out calle San Juan, Logroño’s second famous pincho street, and Bar la Cueva’s tasty steak, entrecot pincho. I know this is my second beef pincho in a row, but 2 weeks ago I did a cleanse, and since then I have been craving nothing but meat, meat and more MEAT! After a week of nothing but veggies and fruit, all I want now is steak and beef! So ladylike!

Bar la Cueva has a lot of pinchos to chose from, but their new specialty is a keeper. A tender beef sirloin with caramelized onions and zucchini in a red wine reduction (Entrecot de toro de lidia con cebolla, calabacín y reducción de vino tinto), it will literally knock your socks off and have you begging for more. And for 3 euros a plate, it’s unbelievably cheap! All of the flavors come together in a perfect combination of savory sweet that will make you want to lick the plate before ordering seconds.

Bar la Cueva, C/San Juan 13 Logroño

Entrecot pincho

Entrecot pincho

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  1. Found a link to your blog on the Official Auxiliares en La Rioja FB page. Gearing up for my move to Logroño, so will be mining your posts for juicy tidbits! Thank you!

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