Pincho of the Week: Zorropito

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If Spain knows how to do one thing well, it’s sandwiches. There are so many types and varieties of sandwiches to be found in Spain, I can’t even begin to name them all. Bocadillos, bocata, un sandwich, montaditos and bocatitas are just to name a few.
Spain keeps it simple when it comes to sandwiches, with most bars having about 20 ingredients you can mix and match served on a big baguette type bread or small. Of course none of these are vegetables. If I have learned anything about food in Spain, it’s that Spaniards are incapable of eating a meal without a white loaf of bread. If someone can please explain to me the phenomenon on how tiny Spanish women are when they do virtually no exercise and eat bread with every meal, I would love to hear it.
Back on topic, I just got home from yet another wonderful night out on the town bar hopping and eating pinchos for dinner with friends. After wolfing down our go-to pinchos of piña y langostino, champis, and zapatillas, I announced I needed to find a new bar to share with you all. My friend recommended zorropitos. Having never heard of them before and really loving the name (thoo-rrrro-pee-toes-make sure you trill those ‘r’s), I was all game.
Zorropitos can be found in the popular Bar la Gota de Vino,directly across from La Gota de Leche,ah-ha! THAT is why I had never been there! It’s sort of a older youth center with English exchange classes and incidentally the known hang-out of a certain señor I would prefer not to see, especially whilst stuffing my face with a big fat sandwich.

Assured that this sandwich was to die for, and the best pincho to end the night, I ordered a zorropito from their very extensive menu. Paired with a nice glass of Rueda white wine, I was good to go. A hot soft, slightly crunchy bun is filled with either bacon or pork loin, ham and cheese, and ali-oli sauce (bocata de lomo o beicon, con jamón york y queso con una suave salsa ali-oli), the zorropito literally is finger-licking good.

Slightly wary (if anything because of the ali-oli sauce, what if I meet Prince Charming?), I took a big glug of wine and chowed down. Oh my goodness, it was heaven in my mouth. Prince Charming be damned! Zorropitos might be a new favorite mini sandwich around town. And costing only 1,50 euros and literally 1 minute from my apartment, this could be dangerous! I must remember to renew my gym membership STAT!

Have you experienced this Spain sandwich phenomenon firsthand? What’s your favorite bocadillo here?

Find it: Bar la Gota de Vino, Calle de San Augustín 14, Logroño

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  1. I’m still trying to figure out the Spanish women paradox–how they eat so much bread and fried things and don’t exercise, and still stay so SKINNY.

    It’s funny because when I came home in June, all I heard was “You are so skinny!”. I can’t figure it out myself–I constantly ate bread (1 loaf every two days), cheese, tons of olive oil and two HUGE chocolate napolitanas a week and never worked out besides walking. Drank a lot and stuffed myself silly with tapas. But I lost almost 10 pounds!

    Yet I come home to the states, watch what I eat, and join a gym and I gain those five pounds back 😛

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