The Best Hate Comments of 2014

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hate comments

Ah it’s that time of year again!

Time for what has become an annual Young Adventuress tradition, a round-up of the best hate comments that have been flung my way this past year. Last year’s here and 2012’s here.

Why do a travel end of the year round up when instead I could show you all the crazy shit that ends up in my inbox? I know which one I’d chose.

I started blogging in 2010, I got my first hate comment in 2011, and by 2012 I came up with the idea of doing a “best hate comment” roundup at the end of the year, not for my haters, but for myself. In 2012, getting a hate comment from a reader still made me cry and would upset me for a day. I needed to learn to get over that quickly. I decided I was going to own it.

I decide to pick the best of them, share them with you all, and laugh, because at the end of the day, laughter is what you need when you hear that kind of shit.

If you let them get to you, then they win.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t sass ’em back once in while, right?

hate comments

No matter who you are in the world, there is always going to be a negative person or hater in your life, but it’s how you deal with them that matters.

I know who my trolls are, they are pretentious little shits that hide behind their laptops who think that they kind hide behind the anonymity of the internet. Would they ever say any of it to my face? Probably not.

And you know what? I feel sorry for them.

Who knows why people feel the need to put other people down, especially someone they don’t even know, but I’ve learned to accept that (usually) it’s not me, it’s them.

My mom says it’s because they’re jealous, but I think she just says that because she has to. I’m a walking talking disaster and an absolute mess; if they only knew what the rest of my life was like beyond the Instagrams and blog posts, not to mention the endless hours of work that goes into it, no one would say that. Nope, definitely not.

It’s also not luck either – I’ve written about how I feel about that here, in case you missed it.

hate comments

Source Urban Dictionary

I really debated whether I would even do a roundup this year. 2014 has been the best year for my blog so far and I’ve been working really hard on maintaing a positive attitude and spirit, both in my “normal” life and also online. When the occasional hater came through, I laughed, replied and shrugged it off.

I actually had to really dig around to find some of the craziest ones, not something I particularly looked forward to, but hey, they entertain me so I might as well share the LOLs with you guys. I’ve actually had quite a lot of people tell me they love these posts, so I’d hate to disappoint.

And for the record (especially if any of you guys are new readers) yeah, I do get a lot of hate mail, probably more than your average blogger, but I also get way more positive comments that outweighs them all. I think I have something like 30,000 comments on here over 5 years, it makes sense there’s a couple batshit crazies thrown in there too. In the scheme of things, I think I’m doing pretty well!

You can never make everyone happy, so there’s no point in trying. Just be yourself.

hate comments

Also, in case you’ve missed it, I don’t have much of a filter, I say whatever the hell I think and I generally don’t give two shits about what people think about me. I wish more bloggers had this attitude, it would certainly make the internet a much more interesting place, don’t you think?

And in the wise words of Miss Taylor Swift – haters gonna hate!

So without further ado, I present this year’s best hate comments from the internet! Hope that makes your Monday all the more exciting!

Be prepared for some filthy language. You’ve been warned.

hate comments

1. No more hotel reviews!

On my post How not to have a boring travel blog when I said I hate hotel review posts.

Wow… some of these points were totally valid but a lot of them came off as you being a total BITCH.

I LOVE reading REAL hotel reviews from bloggers. In fact, I search “*hotel I want to stay in* + blogger” to get the information I want… or I use Pinterest to save my favourite hotels that I want to stay in. Everyone is different. Only a blogger knows who reads their site and just because YOU don’t like reading it doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there who do LOVE reading them.

I hate TripAdvisor/Yelp/*whatever other fucking website people use for travel help* – you might love it… or Sally, or Andy or whatever the person sitting next to you is called. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.


hate comments

2. Expats in New Zealand

On my 23 things I’ve learned my first month in New Zealand post – this ranks #1 on certain Google searches so it gets a lot of traffic from total randoms, not my regular readers. Also, who can hate New Zealand? Seriously?

You’re a dumb cunt.

New Zealand is a fucking shit-hole of a country.

People are not “kind” or “friendly”.
They are a terrible bunch of people.

The country is boring as fuck.
The woman are bitchy and fuck ugly.

That being said its safe and easy to what ever you want.


and this

No point getting upset over this young simple girl who just likes to take nice pictures and write about restaurants and scenery. She’s writing for tourists and they’re just people with money who are only interested in having a good time on their holidays. They don’t care that our health system is crap, education expensive, we can’t get jobs, our income doesn’t afford us a decent standard of living or that we pay half of it in rent. The people she meets are friendly and sweet when they want to make a buck. Obviously she never met any of those guys who bashed Scottish tourist Karen Aim when she walked happily in Taupo at 1am after drinking in a bar and all the other happy-campers who come to New Zealand wearing rose-tinted spectacles after reading blogs like this girl writes.

Excuse me? I just like to take nice pictures and write about restaurants and scenery!??! That hurts me more than if you called me a c*nt like Pete over here.

hate comments

3. Riling up the vegans

Context – I wrote about how I hate it when people who are vegetarians or chose to not eat certain things make it harder for people with legit food allergies when traveling on my 5 Reasons Why Having a Food Allergy Shouldn’t Keep You from Traveling (the thread below goes on and on and it is entertaining, I highly recommend reading the whole thing)

hate comments

Vegans with pitchforks, run!

hate comments

4. On last year’s haterate roundup

13 Best Hate Comments of 2013 – (this is one truly epic hate comment, please read the whole thing!)

Everyone who comes across your blog is not going to like it. You brag for a living at the top of your lungs…with photos and you think people are just going to fawn all over you? It isn’t jealousy it’s the anger that this even makes you money. You clearly are heafty in size and as a skinny, literally starving, student it just looks like you clearly are a spoiled brat with plenty of money to spend on overeating. I would love to have you buy me an NZ brunch one day. The only reason you have a travel blog that now pays you to travel is because you had the means to travel and blog in the first place. There are plenty of epople without a MAC book, Iphone, internet connection or computer at all so this is a ‘career’ of luxury. There are plenty of real writers who have their hard work get edited down to nothing, fighting to make deadlines and write entire books. You dibble a few words on the computer, push click and then call yourself a writer. Bloggers have a stick up their ass. Just because you have a blog does not make you anything but an attention seeker. You are not any more precious than your commentors and if you can’t handle it then don’t blog.Anyone of the people commenting could start a blog tomorrow. It is an easy platform because it was developed to be! It’s like epople who are amazed that a baby can work an ipad…it was meant to be simple. You have not created the wheel here. Documenting your brattiness is annoying. They way you write sounds like a ditz-brained bimbo. Girls who blogs usually sound very vapid. It’s that valley girl style of writing that appeals to so many other White girls. Bottom line…all people who disagree with you are not trolls, losers, etc. They are your readers. They have a valid opinion. Bloggers are the original internet trolls.

Calling me a bimbo isn’t going to get my to buy you brunch.

5. And this…

This is everything. Unfortunately, this “blogger” is gazing so intently at her own naval that she likely won’t absorb any of these valid points whatsoever. Congrats on being privileged enough to buy expensive plane tickets and write a journal online about your extended vacations. I mean, that takes guts, talent, and hard work people! **eyeroll**

What’s this whole “blogger” in quotes business? Are you saying I’m not a “real” blogger?

hate comments

6. I found this on a forum about me  

Off topic, but have any of you read ? What do you think of it? Personally, I think it is absolutely god-awful. This blogger considers herself a “travel writer,” and an “adventuress,” because she writes about her basic bitch travels to places like Spain and New Zealand. Everything she writes about is so completely unoriginal and yet she thinks she is the edgiest lifestyle goddess ever. The whole blog is just dripping in so much privilege and lack of any real talent that I just can’t with it.

Do edgy lifestyle goddesses like me spend days locked in their room in sweatpants in front of their computers working eating 2 minute noodles waiting to be paid?

and this…

I have to chime in now. As a “traveler/expat/whatever” myself I have to say I cannot stand Young Adventuress either. I don’t really want to get into what a “basic bitch” country is or isn’t, but I find YA to be incredibly full of herself and entitled. If I remember correctly, she moved back to the US where her dad got a job for her in the DC area. She promptly quit that after a few months, complaining that she was too much of a wanderer (re: far too special) for any type of real job….

Don’t you love it when people summarize your own life and tell it back to you? I’ll remind myself that I’m not doing “real” work tomorrow when I wake up. Thanks.

hate comments

7. Haters on planes

Again this ranks on the first page of certain Google searches bringing out the waves of haters who don’t understand sarcasm, or personal space on airplanes – 10 Things I Really Wish People Would Stop Doing on Airplanes

What an immature self centered spoiled little girl!!

Wait, I’m spoiled? By who?

You know what bothers me? CUNTS LIKE YOU!!! You’ve already admitted your anal, so go ahead and climb up your own, where your comments and anxieties will be met with compassion all around!! Just don’t spill your toxic hatred for life all around because your not balanced or mature enough to accept reality!!”

*you’re* anal or is that me just being grammatically anal?

Traveled 41 without having any fucking problems. #NotBeingABitch” (context – I said I’ve traveled to 40 countries)


Wow just stumbled on this and all I can say is, people like you who make this world worse off. Seriously, stop complaing I know this is your blog and you can bitch about whatever you want, but shit, I would hate to be married to you and hear your bs all day and night long!!!

It’s ok, I don’t want to be married to a guy who can’t listen. Or spell.

You’re a little psycho… Lady, you need to learn some patience.

Your mom’s a little psycho (yes, I still make ‘your mom’ jokes even though I’m way too old to do that)

hate comments

8. Oh goody, it keeps going…

hate comments

Just one more, only if you’re bored…

hate comments

Christ what the HELL did I just read?

hate comments

9. For the handful of people who told me I’ve sold out when I’ve done something sponsored…

Fuck. Off.

This one annoys and hurts me more than anything – and I don’t confuse this with honest, open feedback which I really enjoy and value, but it’s for the people judging me and telling me how to blog. I’ve worked so hard and for 5 years I’ve invested basically all of my time and all of my money in this blog (which by the way, is FREE for everyone to read, hate, love, learn from, ect) and at the end of the day, I am lucky if I break even. I get a dozen sponsor requests a day and I say no to virtually all of them because they don’t match with what I like to write about. But I also work hard to partner with a few key brands I love throughout the year on sponsorships to help keep funding my travels. And I’m always honest and open about it. But man, does it drive me nuts when people expect me to be perfect? Should I just have a trustfund back home to live off of? Or should I go back to working full time not traveling? Which is it? Sometimes I feel like I’m on stage with people yelling “dance monkey dance!” to me.

Sigh. End rant.

10. When I said I hated people bringing peanuts onto planes because of food allergies

You know what I’m allergic to? Bitches.

BEST HATE COMMENT OF ALL TIME! Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

What’s the meanest thing anyone has said to you? Have you ever been trolled online? How do you deal with negative people in your life?

hate comments

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  1. I think the 2012 version of this was how I first discovered your blog and I was so excited that by writing a horrible comment to you I might be featured in the next one and become FAMOUS. But then it turned out I really loved your posts and had no hating to do, damn it.

  2. Damn! there are some crab-asses out there. I never understand the point of trolling online. Sometimes if people who seem normal post something offensive I try to nicely point it out, if I actually like the blog, but usually I just click away – that’s the beauty of the internet. Rumor has it some social media outlets, like Twitter mainly, will be working on preventing and penalizing trolls. Hopefully 2015 will bring on a happier internet world.

  3. OMG! Sorry you have to get mail like this Liz, it’s just so nasty. Your blog is insanely popular, so of course trolls will come through…. but knowing that doesn’t make it easier I’m sure. I would say keep your head up, but clearly you are and don’t need anyone telling you that! Keep on writing – I love your blog!

      1. Hey Liz,

        Totally agree with Rachel – I guess with size and popularity comes the occasional nutter. Still, I hope the amount of lovely comments you get helps, because they’re the ones that matter most!

        Also, you should add ‘Edgy Lifestyle Goddess’ to your LinkedIn. I’ll endorse you 😉


    1. Wow..I want to know if you had ever felt doubt about the way you were ignoring that awful comments and have you ever thought about ur reply to comments reflecting ur attitude toward the troller effect ur original (regular)reader?
      And by the way u r just phenomenal at giving them shot at their own language…?

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